Hardware & Systems Services Support

Computer Repair
- Minimum configuration: Pentium 800MHz with 256Mb of RAM
- MAC computer repair is outsourced.

Monitor and Printer Repair
- Outsourced

Hardware Upgrades
- All hardware upgrades must be installed by ITS technicians.

New PC Computers
- ITS technicians will setup all new computers.

New Technology
- Purchases of new technology relating to computers and peripherals must be
reviewed by ITS for compatibility with existing technology.

Video / Data Projectors
- ITS supports the purchase, installation and troubleshooting of projectors.

CUTV Network
- ITS, in cooperation with KCCU, supports the installation and support of CUTV.

Video Conferencing -
- ITS, in cooperation with Ed Outreach, supports the installation, support and
coordination of video conferencing and Distance Learning.

Phone and Voicemail
- ITS does NOT support phone or voicemail systems. Contact Laura Kane in the
Business Office (ext. 5502) for assistance.