Information Technology Services

Instructions for Using the Cameron Wireless Network

Before connecting a laptop or PDA to the campus network, please be sure to have up-to-date virus protection and make sure that all critical updates and patches have been installed by visiting

Install an 802.11 b/g wireless network card in the laptop or PDA according to the manufacturer instructions unless the system already has a wireless antenna.

After the card has been successfully installed, the network card will automatically scan and find the wireless network. If the card does not find the network, check the properties of the network card software and try to initiate a manual scan. If a manual scan fails, type in the Network Name / SSID "CU Wireless Network".

Once the network is found, open Internet Explorer or another browser. 

Follow the instructions on the web page displayed and logon to the wireless network.

Please review the Computer Use Policy and the Wireless Network Policy.

When you logon, you will be assigned a Faculty/Staff, Student, or Guest role. Each role provides different access to the network. Faculty/Staff and Student roles are allocated 512 kbps incoming bandwidth and 256 kbps outgoing bandwidth per user. Guests are allocated 128 kbps incoming bandwidth and 56 kbps outgoing bandwidth per user. Guests only receive the ability to view web pages.

For additional support, visit Wireless Support.