Laptop Use Guidelines

Information Technology Services

Laptop Use Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

Campus Laptops
Laptops purchased and owned by Cameron University may be used while physically connected to our wired network, and may also be used on the wireless network. Users with access to campus laptops MUST physically connect the device to the wired network at least once a month to register with the domain servers and receive Microsoft Updates and security updates. Computrace security located in the system BIOS may be enabled by ITS personnel if requested by the user.

Personal Laptops
Laptops owned personally by faculty/staff/students may NOT be connected to our wired network, but may access our wireless network. Personal laptops MUST have a valid anti-virus client installed with current anti-virus and windows updates. I.T.S. is not responsible for physical damage to personal laptops, and not responsible for loss of data.

Wireless Access for All Laptops
Users accessing Cameron University’s wireless network should be familiar with the University’s ITS Wireless Policy