Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking general education student learning outcome is assessed as follows:

  • Five multiple choice questions followed by a brief description where the student defends the answer chosen
BIOL 1004 BIOL 1214 ENSC 2004
BIOL 1114 BIOL 1364
  • An in-class writing assignment will be assessed using the Economics Critical Thinking Rubric. It will be assigned in:
AGRC 1334 GEOG 3023
ECON 2013 CRM 3603
  • In-class essay will be assessed using the Political Science Critical Thinking Rubric. It will be assigned in:
PS 1113
  • CAAP Critical Thinking Test administered to seniors in capstone courses.
  • Results from NSSE survey given every third year to freshmen and seniors relating to the question:  “How much has your experience at this institution contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in thinking critically and analytically.” (Indirect Measure)
  • Indirect measure administered in Baccalaureate Capstone Courses
  • Additional questions added to IDEA course evaluations administered in General Education Courses