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Continuing Education and Outreach Workshops

Workshops may be taken for credit or non-credit. Call the Office of Extended Learning (XL) at 580-581-2242 for information.

TO ENROLL FOR CREDIT: Students who have an advisor should see him/her to enroll. Students who do not have an advisor may enroll at the enrollment desk, North Shepler, Room 210.

TO ENROLL FOR NON-CREDIT: Contact: Office of Extended Learning, Ross Hall, Office #121.

EARLY ENROLLMENT IS ADVISED: Enrollment in these classes is limited and classes traditionally fill quickly. To secure your enrollment, you must pay the fee before the class begins.

LATE ENROLLMENT: Enrollments will be accepted on a space available basis, up to the day prior to the workshop; however, the fee must be paid prior to attending the workshop.

Withdrawal Policy: Occasionally a student enrolled in a workshop is unable to attend because of an emergency or unanticipated issue. In such cases, the student may petition to be withdrawn from the workshop by submitting a “Workshop Withdrawal Request,” with any requisite documentation, within 5 working days after the first workshop date and before the start of the final workshop date. The “Request for Withdrawal” and documentation are to be submitted to the office of Extended Learning, Ross Hall, Office # 122. If a student wishes to withdraw from a workshop after the five days indicated above, the request will need to be sent to Cameron University’s Office of Academic Affairs, Administration Building, room 250.

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