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Student Employment Hiring Procedures

Posting a Position

  • Complete the R6 Form (Request to Advertise a Student Employment Position) and fax, scan, or email to Human Resources along with the current job description.
  • The position will be posted for a minimum of 5 days

Application Process

  • Applications are available to download in each posting and should be completed and sent to the hiring department.
  • The hiring department is responsible for accepting all applications and maintaining an applicant selection log to utilize for interviewing. Documentation of applications received is required.

Interview and Selection Process

The hiring department must provide equal opportunity and use consistent screening practices to review applications and begin scheduling interviews. Each phase of the hiring process must meet the University's equal opportunity/affirmative action obligations.

Once the interviews have been conducted and a decision has been made, the Department will need to:

  • Notify the student and offer the job contingent upon a successful background check.
  • Instruct the student to go to HR to complete the background check release form and hiring packet.
  • Complete the Applicant Selection Log to document reasons for non-selection.
  • Send non-selection letters to the applicants that were not selected (email is acceptable).

Hiring Process

Once the background check and hiring packet is completed, HR will send the Work Authorization Form to the department. The hiring department will need to obtain all signatures, fill in the start date and return the Work Authorization to HR.

Students are not allowed to begin work until all hiring documents are completed.

Rehiring Student Employees

Complete the rehire form for student employees that will continue their status of employment for the upcoming semester. Students are allowed to continue their status of employment if they worked in the immediate preceding Fall or Spring semester and they continue to meet the enrollment requirement. Otherwise, the position must be posted and hiring procedures must be followed.

Contact Information

Contact Information:
Jamie Smith
Employment Coordinator

Human Resources Department