Job Description

POSITION: The position of Resident Assistant (RA) within the Department of Student Housing is a live-in, 9 month (August 5 – May 5), position that requires the RA to reside in his/her designated area of responsibility. The RA is responsible for maintaining and fostering a community on a floor of 20-50 residents. The RA reports to a Hall Director or Senior Resident Assistant.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: A Resident Assistant at Cameron University is required to fulfill a diverse set of duties and responsibilities. These said duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to administrative, counseling, programmatic, and policy enforcement.  


  • A Resident Assistant must have a 2.5 GPA at time of application, and must maintain a 2.5 GPA the entirety of their time as a Resident Assistant.
  • The Resident Assistant must maintain full time academic status throughout the entire contract year to be considered in good academic standing and to keep their position in Cameron Student Housing.
  • The Resident Assistant must be able to work with a diverse group of students in a Residence Hall environment, and have high resolve in finding solutions to difficult situations.
  • The Resident Assistant must have good time management skills, and must maintain a high level of visibility and availability to residents.
  • The Resident Assistant must demonstrate superior leadership skills.
  • Resident Assistants must work a pre-determined desk shift, and must be on call as needed by designated Hall Director.
  • Resident Assistants will be required to plan and execute several social, educational, and passive programs throughout the academic year.
  • A Resident Assistant must be of strong mind and will. The Resident Assistant position requires high levels of adaptability and responsibility. Resident Assistants deal with a variety of student issues on a daily basis and must have the knowledge, maturity, empathy, and understanding to help student navigate these issues.  
  • Resident Assistants will also serve an essential role in policy enforcement. Resident Assistants must develop and maintain a good working knowledge of housing policy and be prepared to enforce these policies fairly across the board.
  • Resident Assistants must be observant and sensitive to issues going on in the hall and be proactive in resolving them before they turn into major concerns.
  • Resident Assistants must demonstrate a high level of professionalism, promote scholarship, and serve as an advocate for Cameron Student Housing.
  • Preference will be given to individuals who have lived in Cameron Student Housing for at least one semester prior to applying.