Transgender and Non-binary Panel: Moderated by Candace Craig

Jaxson Best is a transgender male. He served 6 years in the military, which has brought him into contact with multiple individuals of varying beliefs, sexual orientations, and identities. After separating from the military, Jaxson has pursued creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth and their allies; or at least providing a listening ear. When he isn’t out and about trying to save all the ‘gaybies’, he is probably building some contraption in his garage, or hanging out with his 3 fur children and wife.

Ashdone Kobi is a trans man, a couple months shy of starting T. Ashdone aged out of foster care at 19 and has since been working closely with state office about the changes that need to happen within groups homes and shelters, especially pertaining to LGBTQ+ children in care. When he's not in meetings or delivering food, he likes to relax at home with his fiance and cat.

Kass Basham is an 18 years old Nin Binary, Political Science and Pre-Law Major at Cameron University. They would like to graduate from Cameron and attend OU Law School so they can become a legal advocate for members of the lgbtq+ community. Kass especially cares about kids who’ve been kicked out and need to be emancipated or are in need other assistance in separating themselves from their family. Kass is also President of CU PRIDE, which they run with their partner, Rachel Lambert. They are working to make sure everyone knows that PRIDE is a safe space to be your truest self.


Katie Hubbard