For reasons of health and safety, sanitation, noise, and humane treatment, no pets are permitted in any Student Housing facility. The only exception is legal fish. Fish that are dangerous or harmful to humans or are prohibited by state or federal laws are prohibited.

Fish tanks can be no larger than 10 gallons. When cleaning fish tanks, it is imperative that the tank rocks are not put in drains or toilets.

Animals other than fish found in Student Housing facilities must be removed immediately and may be removed by Housing staff or other officials. Student Housing is not responsible for what happens to any pet when it is removed or while living is Student Housing facilities. “Just visiting” is not permitted – pets are not allowed in Student Housing facilities at any time.

Residents found with pets will face disciplinary action, with additional billing as needed to restore the room/apartment to an assignable state (as determined by Student Housing), which may include but is not limited to, carpet and/or furniture cleaning or replacement, and repainting. All current occupants of a room/apartment found with a pet, or related pet paraphernalia (food and water dishes, toys, litter box, kennels, etc.) will be held responsible.