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Public Policy Forum IV

What is the issue?

This policy forum focuses on presenting creative approaches to economic development within the broader context of southwest Oklahoma’s cultural, historical, and business sectors. With the ultimate goal to understand economic development within that context, the forum asked a series of questions: 1) What defines southwest Oklahoma culturally and historically; 2) What are the economic dimensions of southwest Oklahoma; and 3) What are the linkages among the cultural, historical, and economic development patterns in Oklahoma.


What is the data?

By achieving an interdisciplinary dialogue across the presenters and their respective fields, the policy forum highlighted the strong connections across Oklahoma’s historical development, cultural patterns, and economic performance in modern time. Particularly, the forum allowed historians with different backgrounds and an economist to provide a more comprehensive and profound understanding as to how historical events in the past shape urban and regional economic performance in the present. In doing so, the subsequent discussion also paved the way for both understanding the region’s cultural and historical diversity and derive strategies to improve the quality of live in the region.


Who is involved?

The following scholars presented during the policy forum:

Cynthia Rogers “Local Option Sales Taxation. Overview and Implications for Southwest Oklahoma”

John Rhea “Beyond Dust, Wind, and Drought: Old Greer County and the Development of Southwest Oklahoma”

Joe Watkins 10,000 Years and Counting: An Overview of Native American Pre-contact History and Culture in Southwest Oklahoma”

Lance Janda “ A Meeting of the Twain: Economic Development and Military History of Southwest Oklahoma”


Questions and Registration

For questions and registration, please contact:

Dr. Tony Wohlers, Forum Organizer

Tel: (580) 581-2496

Fax: (580) 581-2941


Online Registration:

Given the space available, we encourage you to register for the event in advance by clicking here.



This program is funded in part by the Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) and the We People Initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed during Public Policy Forum VII do not necessarily represent those of OHC or NEH. We also thank the Cameron University Lectures and Concerts Program for partial funding of the event. We thank them all for their support and encouragement of the project.

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