OPSA Awards and Scholarships

OPSA Awards

Recognizing excellence in the profession of political science and service to the Oklahoma Political Science Association (OPSA) is one of the most important activities we engage in as an Association. To this end, the Association has established a number of awards and scholarships.

The awards cover teaching, scholarly activities, papers, and other career achievements. As indicated by the list of previous award recipients, OPSA has been presenting these awards at its Association's Annual Conference since 1994. Through the years these awards have played an important role in the scholarship and careers of their recipients.

In addition to recognizing faculty, practitioners, and students, the association has also established scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. Specifically, the OPSA President's Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship ($250) and the OPSA President's Distinguished Graduate Scholarship ($450).


Award Descriptions and Nomination Information

For a more detailed description of the OPSA Awards, see the table below. To learn more about the nomination process and the relevant guidelines, please download the Award Nomination Form and Guidelines by clicking here. The deadline for award nomination submission is: October 9, 2015.






Teacher of the Year

Honors current instructional faculty of any institutions of higher education in Oklahoma who display exemplary skills in teaching political science classes.

Scholar of the Year

Honors a person in Oklahoma who has made significant scholarly contributions to political science.


Best Graduate Paper*

Honors a graduate student who has written the best paper as determined by the OPSA Award Committee.


Best Undergraduate Paper*

Honors an undergraduate student who has written the best paper as determined by the OPSA Award Committee.


Robert Darcy Lifetime Achievement

Honors individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the Association in terms of leadership, research, and mentorship.


Saundra Mace Service Award

Honors support staff persons for excellence in job performance, attitude, and commitment.

* Required to present paper at the annual meeting to receive award


Scholarship Criteria and Nomination Information

Scholarship Award Criteria
President's Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship

Political Science major

Cumulative GPA: 3.5

Essay (500 words): Why are you passionate about Political Science?

Present research paper at the annual conference
President's Distinguished Graduate Scholarship

Political Science major

Cumulative GPA: 3.5

Essay (500 words): How will studying political science help you realize your passion?

Present research paper at the annual conference


Click here to complete scholarship nomination form and email to Dr. Tony Wohlers by September 30, 2015

Oklahoma Political Science Association

Executive Director

Managing Editor

Dr. Tony Wohlers
Oklahoma Politics
Cameron University

The Oklahoma Political Science Association (OPSA) is the professional organizations of Oklahoma political scientists and practitioners. Drawing on political scientists and practitioners from across the state, the OPSA brings together scholars from all fields of inquiry and occupational endeavors within and outside academe in order to expand understanding of politics and policies. As a federally registered non-profit organization, membership is open to anyone with an interest in the state's politics.