Welcome to the CU Public policy forum

Our Goal

The goal of the forum is to be the regional exchange for policymakers, the public, and the academic community in Southwest Oklahoma.  More specifically, the forum's aim is to promote  concrete and practical dialogue across a range of public policy issues in a manner meaningful to the general public.  Here you will find access points to the dedicated pages for all sessions of the forum as well as portals to a number of area and regional organizations that participate in the forum or which support this aim.  We hope to see you at an upcoming forum and, in the meantime, we invite you to consult the webpages for past sessions of the forum, all of which contain useful resources on the topics addressed.

Partner Organizations & Institutions

The dialogue that we seek promote would not be possible without the generous interest and support of a wide variety of organizations and institutions and the individuals who serve them.  Since the CU Public Policy Forum is about sharing resources and information, we want to make you the public aware of those who share your interests in practical public policy.

Chambers of Commerce


State & Local Government

Universities & Institutes

  • Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative

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