Department Chair

Stephanie Boss

Ed.D. Higher Education and Adult Learning, Walden University (In progress)
M.Ed. Education Administration, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
B.S. Health and Physical Education, University of Central Oklahoma
S. Shepler 318/ 580-581-2401

Assistant Professors


Tyson Chambers, Sports & Exercise Science

Ed.D. Sport Management, United State Sports Academy (In progress)
M.Ed. Secondary Education, Eastern New Mexico University
M.S. Physical Education, Eastern New Mexico University
B.S. Athletic Training, Southwest Oklahoma State University
S. Shepler 325/ 580-581-6724 

Andra Hunt, Sports & Exercise Science

M.Ed., Health and Kinesiology, Northeastern State University
B.S. Health and Human Performance,  Northeastern State University
S. Shepler 321 A/ 580-591-8066

Instructor, Sports & Exercise Science
S. Shepler 321/ 580-581-2397

Coaching Faculty

Women's Basketball Assistant Coach
phone:  (580)581-2404

Andrew Batista, Instructor

Athletic Trainer  
M.S., Athletic Training, Shenandoah University
B.S., Exercise Science, Rutgers University
GYM-Training Room/ SB Plex /580-581-2402

Rodney DeLong, Instructor

Women's Softball Head Coach
M.E. Sports Administration- East Central University
B.A. History - Cameron University
S. Shepler 524/SB Plex /580-581-2528

Nate Gamet, Instructor

Men's Basketball Head Coach
M.S., Health and Physical Education, Northwest Missouri State University
B.S., Health and Physical Education, Northwest Missouri State Unversity
S. Sheplar 518 / 580-581-2405

Baseball Head Coach
S.Shepler /580-581-2479

Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
S. Shepler 517/ 580-581-2406

Tom Webb, Instructor

Women's Basketball Head Coach
M.S., Health & Physical Education, Northern State University
B.S., Elementary Education, Southwest Minnesota State University
S. Shepler 522/580-581-2528

Qi Wang, Instructor

Women's Volleyball Head Coach
S. Shepler 514/580-581-5596