Sorority Life

Why Join?

Joining a sorority will be a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. A sorority enables young women to connect with others who share similar goals of enhancing their leadership skills, achieving academic excellence, and serving their local community. By becoming a member of a sorority, the student will have a unique support network where she can develop significant lifelong friendships and excel in ways that would not have been possible on her own.

Social Excellence - The mission of a social organization is to prepare students for a life of social excellence. Being socially excellent means that one is actively engaged in seeking meaningful relationships with all of those whom she comes in contact with. A socially excellent individual displays a firm commitment to civic engagement, while working to create the best possible society.

Scholarship - Since the primary purpose of going to college is to obtain a college education, it is only natural that sororities emphasize scholarship programs. Statistics show that 71% of all sorority members graduate as compared to 50% of non-members. Nationally the sorority female GPA is significantly higher than the all female GPA. Sororities offer many resources such as tutoring, scholarships, upperclassmen counseling, and study halls to support the chapter's academic mission.

Community Service - Sororities at Cameron are not only concerned with the campus, but with the Lawton-Ft. Sill community as well. Community service projects are a vital source of personal satisfaction and build individual character and organizational skills.

Leadership - The sorority system builds leaders! They offer leadership roles in the chapter and encourage involvement in other campus organizations. Working closely with one's sisters stimulates the development of key interpersonal and teamwork skills that are critical to one's future success.

Career Development - A successful career can begin with the business and leadership experience gained in a sorority. The many contacts with alumni and the listing of a sorority on a resume have assisted many students in beginning their life's work.