Code of Student Conduct

Termination of Financial Assistance

7.01 Termination of Financial Assistance

The University policy concerning termination of state funded financial assistance is established by the Oklahoma Higher Education Code, Section 362 which provides:

a. Any student loan, grant, fellowship or other means of financial assistance authorized by and/or under the control of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, any operating Boards of Regents of Oklahoma Universities or Colleges, or any employee or employees of any University, college, or other institution of higher learning, whether such loan, grant, fellowship, teaching fellowship or other means of financial assistance be financed by state funds, or both, may be revoked or terminated by the person or persons authorizing and/or controlling same for any of the following reasons:

1. Unlawful participation in a riot as defined by the Penal Code;

2. Unlawful manufacture, preparation, delivery, sale, offering for sale, barter, furnishing, giving away, possession, control, use of or administering narcotic drugs, marijuana, barbiturates or stimulants;

3. Willful or unlawful destruction of or damage to state property;

4. Conviction, while enrolled in such University, college or other institution of higher learning, of a crime involving conversion of property or moral turpitude. (70 O.S. 1981, Section 624).