How to Get Your Refund

Financial aid is disbursed five to seven days prior to the beginning of each term or seven to 10 days after eligibility and enrollment are confirmed after the term begins. Aid will be applied to current aid year institutional charges on your student account. Institutional charges include tuition, fees, housing and meal charges. Federal student aid cannot be automatically applied to prior year balances greater than $200. All refunds due to you from the university will be disbursed by BankMobile to your selected refund preference. Incoming students will be mailed a refund selection kit from BankMobile. The kit will include a personal code that you will use to select your refund preference. If you select the BankMobile Vibe Account as your preference, you will be mailed an Aggie OneCard

Refund Policy

Students who completely withdraw from the University or drop an individual class during the official refund period as noted in the academic calendar are eligible for a refund of tuition and fees. There is no refund for classes dropped after the official refund periods.

Refunds are based upon the day the classes are dropped or the official student withdrawal is completed, not on the date that the student stopped attending classes. To officially withdraw from all courses, you must follow the “Dropping and Withdrawing” policy noted in the Enrollment procedures.

Refunds are disbursed to students by BankMobile Disbursements to the students selected refund preference.