Location Abbreviations

AC Academic Commons FS Fort Sill
ADMIN Administration Building GRAN Grandfield
AGANS Animal Science GYM Aggie Gym
AGMS Ag Mechanic Shop HOW Howell Hall
AGPLS Agriculture Plant Science ITV Instructional Television
ARR Arranged LIB Library
ART Art Building MCC McMahon Centennial Complex
BUR Burch Hall MUS Music Building
CETES Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies NB Nance Boyer
CETESCC CETES Conference Center NSHP North Shepler
CNC Comanche Nation College PONC Ponca City
COMM Communication RS Rogers State University
CON Conwill Hall RNG Golf Range
CSHP Shepler Center ROSS Cynthia S. Ross Hall
CTS Tennis Courts SC Sciences Complex
CU Cameron SEM Seminole
CV Cameron Village SM Simmons Center - Duncan
CVMC McMahon Learning Center SSHP South Shepler
DUNC Cameron University - Duncan TB Thunderbird Lanes
ECU East Central University THR University Theater
ENID Northwestern TUL Tulsa
EXC Cameron Exchange UCO University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond
FCTR Fitness Center USAO University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha
FLD Stadium Field House WOSC Western OK State College - Altus
FRED Frederick