Honors Program

Cameron University’s Honors Program (CUHP) seeks to produce graduates who have gone farther, learned more, and become more capable of leadership both in the community and in a chosen field of study. The program rewards academically advanced and talented students by providing an enriched, innovative, and high-impact curriculum of honors courses coupled with experiential learning opportunities aimed at fostering civic engagement, scholarly activities, and global citizenship. In doing so, CUHP students dramatically enrich their undergraduate experience by enrolling in critical thinking Honors and Honors-encriched courses, participating in field trips, exploring subjects from interdisciplinary perspectives, conducting scholarly research, and benefiting from civic engagement and study away opportunities. Aimed at strengthening students’ future academic and professional careers, the CUHP serves as a central focus for the pursuit of academic excellence in the 21st century..

Requirements for Admittance

  1. From High School: 3.50 GPA, 25 ACT or 1200 SAT, and an essay
  2. With College Credit: 15 hours of college with at least a 3.2 GPA, and essay

Application and Honors Program Advising

10 Reasons to Become an Honors Student

  1. Smaller class size
  2. Open to any qualified student in any major
  3. Learn from the university’s outstanding scholars
  4. Benefit from priority enrollment
  5. Participate in study abroad and research activities
  6. Qualify to receive the President’s Distinguished Scholarship for Academic Enrichment
  7. Join the prestigious CU Honors Students Society
  8. Receive recognition of your work in the honors program during commencement and on your transcript
  9. Study and collaborate in the honors lounge
  10. Distinguish prospective employers and graduate schools