What is a Degree audit?

Degree Works provides a degree audit which is a summary of the degree requirements merged with your academic record. It will provide a real-time assessment of your progress toward graduation.
The audit is organized in blocks of like requirements. Examples  include the degree block, major block, concentration block, general education block, etc. The Degree Audit is the official list of all requirements for graduation. Point of contact: Concerns should be directed to your Academic Advisor.

Accessing Degree Works

Degree Works is accessible by logging into your AggieAccess account. Once you have successfully entered AggieAccess, the Degree Works link is included under the “My Info” tab in the “Quick
Links” section.

AggieAccess - DegreeWorks

Using Degree Works

Degree Works Audits

A. Student Context Information - Student ID, Name, Degree, Major, Level, Classification, Last Audit.

  • If you are pursuing multiple degrees, the Degree dropdown box will display all of the degrees.
  • If you have multiple majors within the same degree, all majors will be reflected in the audit for that degree.
  • Academic History provides a term-by-term summary of your coursework.
  • The Last Audit date is the most recent date on which the audit was run for the chosen program.Degree Works

B.  Degree Works Audit Blocks

STUDENT HEADER:  Student demographic information

Student header in Degree Works

DEGREE BLOCKS:  Summary of all the requirements for the degree.  Each requirement displayed in this block contains a link to the section of the audit where the full requirements (courses and/or non-course requirements) are displayed.  Advice in this block will no longer display when the requirement has been met.

Degree block in Degree Works

GPA REQUIREMENT: There are two GPA requirements that are necessary to graduate with a degree from Cameron  University. The first GPA requirement states that you must earn at least a 2.00 grade point average in all courses taken at Cameron. The second GPA requirement states you must earn at least a 2.00 retention grade point average. This GPA includes courses taken from any institution excluding developmental courses and forgiven, reprieved or renewed courses.

DEVELOPMENTAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS: The developmental course requirement block pulls information directly from your placement in the student information system. If you are required to complete remedial courses, it will be reflected in this block.

Developmental course in Degree Works

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: General Education requirements are displayed in this block.General Education Requirements

ELECTIVES TO COMPLETE GENERAL EDUCATION: Electives needed to complete the General Education requirement are included in this block.Electives to complete screen shot

UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS: Summary of the University requirements needed for graduation. This block includes UNIV courses and the computer literacy requirement.

University Requirements

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Major requirements are displayed in this block. If you are pursuing multiple majors within the same degree, you will have multiple major blocks. If a major requires that a minor be fulfilled, it will be included in the block as shown in the example below. If a minor is required, it must be declared in the student information system in order for it to be accurately reflected in the minor block.

Major requirements screen shot

CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Concentration requirements are displayed in this block. If your major requires a concentration, the concentration must be declared in the student information system in order for it to be accurately reflected in the concentration block.

Concentration Requirements screen shot

UPPER DIVISION REQUIREMENTS: All baccalaureate degree programs require a minimum of 40 upper division hours.

Upper division requirements screen shot

LIBERAL ARTS REQUIREMENTS: All baccalaureate degrees require a liberal arts and science component. The total number of hours required ranges from 40-80 hours depending on the degree being pursued.

Liberal arts requirements screen shot

ELECTIVES: Coursework that does not fulfill any of the specific course requirements in the audit are displayed in this block. Electives, developmental courses, and courses that have not been evaluated for substitution or waive will appear here.

Electives screen shot

INSUFFICIENT: Coursework that has a grade that does not qualify to be used toward the degree, or has been forgiven will appear here. These courses cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements but will count in the GPA unless they have been forgiven.

Insufficient screen shot

EXCEPTIONS: Exceptions are entered by staff in the Registrar’s Office or Academic Affairs. Exceptions include substitutions or waivers that have been approved on the C10 form.

Exceptions screen shot

LEGEND: Terminology and symbols used in the Degree Works Audit. Once you click on the “Degree Works” quick link, you will be directed to your individual degree audit.

Legend screen shot