Appeals and Review


a. Written Appeal Request. A student wishing to appeal the Director’s decision must file a signed, written notice of the appeal request with appropriate rationale with the DOS no later than 4 p.m. five business days after official notice of the Director’s decision. Appeals of interim suspension, suspension, or expulsion will be heard by the Hearing Committee. All other appeals will be heard by the DOS and will generally proceed as described herein.

b. The grounds for appeal are:

1. Insufficient evidence to support the decision.

2. The sanction imposed was too harsh.

3. An error that significantly prejudiced the rights of the defendant.

4. Significant new information discovered after the hearing and presented within 30 days. 

c. Time. For appeals of interim suspension, suspension, or expulsion, the DOS will notify the appropriate Hearing Committee Chair of the written appeal request.  The Committee Chair will schedule a hearing no later than ten (10) business days after the appeal request, unless there are extenuating circumstances (such circumstances are to be shared with the student.)  If disciplinary action is involved prior to appeal, the student may request a more expedient hearing.

d. Notice. The Chair of the Committee will notify the student in writing of the time, date and place of the appeal Hearing with other required information. See Section 5 for detailed hearing procedures.