AggieAccess is your portal to everything Cameron University. It contains important information such as your class schedule, campus announcements, account information, email access, financial aid notices and much more. Students should log-in to their AggieAccess account regularly. 

Home Tab

AggieAccess Home Tab

There is lots of important information on the Home Tab, but below are a few points of interest.

  • Campus Alerts: Emergency and other health and safety related announcements will be posted in this channel.
  • Campus Announcements: University events, activities, speakers, and other announcements will be posted to this channel.
  • Campus Events: A calendar of University-sponsored events happening on campus each day.
  • Personal Announcements: Announcements that were targeted to you personally.  May include major related announcements, club announcements for clubs you are a member of, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Campus Life Tab

Aggie Access - Campus Life Tab

Just for students, this tab provides all you need to know about  being involved on campus as a student. From a Campus Events calendar to some easy to use quick link channels, this tab is your link to being involved as a Cameron student.

My Info Tab

The My Info tab contains information and resources specific to you.  This includes your financial aid information, billing, class schedule, grades, advisor, and more.

Updating Your Personal Information

AggieAccess - Updating Your Personal Information

Update Address and Phone

This allows students to update this information when there is a change to ensure the university has the most up-to-date contact information. Students should update this when there is a change and review at least once a semester to verify that it is correct.

Update Email Addresses

Allows students to provide alternate email addresses to the university. Please note that only the Cameron issued email address will be used to provide official communication from the university.

Update Emergency Communication System (ECS) Info

This contact information will be used to contact you in the event of a campus emergency. You may enter multiple phone numbers, a cell phone number to receive text messages and alternate email addresses to receive emergency communications. The alternate email address will only be used for emergency communications. All other email will go to your account. Students should update this regularly to ensure they receive emergency messages.

Class Schedule

AggieAccess - Class Schedule

The Class Information channel provides convenient access to your schedule of classes for the semester by clicking the “View My  Schedule” link.

Students may review the full listing of university course offerings by clicking the “Search Class Schedule” link in the Class Information channel.

Academic Profile Advisor

AggieAccess - Academic Profile Advisor Channel

Academic Profile

The Academic Profile channel shown on the previous page provides you a snapshot of your academic profile. Information such as your class standing, degree and major, and department of your major are all listed in this channel.

In addition, you may access an unofficial copy of your transcript by clicking on the “Transcript” link and review any holds on your account by clicking the “Holds” link.

You should review this information regularly to make sure it is up to date. If there are problems, you should consult with your academic advisor for assistance with making changes.

Academic Advisor
Your academic advisor’s name will be listed in this box. By clicking on the envelope icon to the left of your advisor’s name you can email your advisor.


AggieAccess - Grades

Cameron University does not mail grade reports to students. You should review the “Student Grades” channel to determine the grade you earn in each class for the term.

Students in classes beginning with a zero or a one (remedial and freshman level courses) should check this in the middle of each semester to see mid-term grades. Mid-term grades do not calculate into the grade point average, but are used to help you know your academic standing in courses at the mid-point of the semester.

Final grades are posted at the completion of your courses each semester.

Financial Aid Requirements

AggieAccess - Financial Aid

Financial Aid Requirements

The Financial Aid Requirements channel allows you to check any requirements that are outstanding to receive aid. This channel will be used to notify you of action needed on your part to process aid. Actions may include submitting supporting documentation or completion of award requirements. Students receiving aid should review this regularly and take action as requested to ensure timely processing of financial aid.

Financial Aid Awards
The Financial Aid Awards channel will allow you to view the awards you have been offered. This channel also allows you to accept or reject federal student loans and work study.

Student Work Study Balance
This channel is for use only by students who are participating in the Federal Work Study program. It allows you to track how much money you may earn throughout the semester.

For questions about the Financial Aid channels, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (580) 581-2293.

Your Bill

AggieAccess - Your bill

Cameron University does not mail paper bills. You should review your account statement in the “My Info” channel in AggieAccess to determine any outstanding balance owed to the university.

Paying your bill
You may pay one of the following ways:

  1. Online by clicking the “Access Touchnet—Bills/Payments” link in the My Info channel in Aggie Access.
  2. Walk In to the One Stop in the McMahon Centennial Complex during normal business hours.
  3. Pay by Telephone payment with credit card* by calling 580-581-2393 during normal business hours.
  4. Mail a check made payable to Cameron University. Please include your name and student ID# on the check.

*Cameron University accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

For more information about paying your bill, please visit

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