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Cameron Mascot

Cameron’s mascot is Ole Kim. Ole Kim is an ex-U.S. Cavalry officer from Fort Sill who sought his fortune in the Wichita Mountains gold rush of the early 1900s, before becoming a cowboy, and then a Cameron student.

Ole Kim first appeared as an illustration on the cover of the 1955 Yearbook. He was given the name “Ole Kim” in 1960 by 1916 Cameron alum B.W. Jolly during a contest sponsored by the campus newspaper. In 1964, a costume was created and worn by journalism student Jeanne Desautel for the homecoming parade, and a tradition was born.

From 1969 until 1992, four different costumes were used and more than 25 students boosted school spirit as Ole Kim. But by the early 1990s, the tradition had faded and Cameron went without a costumed mascot for more than a decade.

The tradition was revived in 2004, when a new costume was commissioned. In early years, Ole Kim was portrayed as a cowboy, but beginning with 2004 his appearance was altered to that of a prospector.

It is said the spirit of Ole Kim walks on Cameron’s campus each day. He never misses a class, graduates each year and returns in the fall with each new student. He has helped to build each building, coach every team, cheer with every fan and cram for every final. Quite simply, he is Cameron University.







Camerons Mascot - Ole Kim