15 Ways to Stay on Track to Graduate

  1. Use your Graduation Planner.
    • Explore and utilize the resources found in this Graduation Planner.
  2. Take 30 hours each academic year.
    1. This will help you stay on track to graduate.
    • Ask for help!
      • We want you to be successful! Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your professors and the CU staff. They are here to help you out!
    • Use Degree Works.
      • Degree Works is a very helpful online tool that shows your progress on your path to graduation.
    • Consult your academic advisor.
      • Your advisor wants to help you succeed in your goal to graduate! Utilize their expertise to help you craft a plan for completing your degree requirements.
    • Look into summer school and intersession options.
      • Ask your advisor about these options to help you stay on track to graduate. Remember, if you are taking a course at another institution to fulfill your CU requirements, you must make sure the course is a transfer equivalent to the CU course requirement. You can find the Course Equivalency tables at www.cameron.edu/transfer.
    • GO TO CLASS!
      • Go EVERY single day!
    • Learn to balance personal and academic endeavors.
      • College is a lot different from high school. Use a planner and learn to manage your time efficiently.
    • Use your CU email account.
      • Check your CU email daily and keep any important information that CU sends you.
    • Use the resources available to you.
      • There are countless resources to help you succeed at CU, including the faculty and staff. Ask for help when you need it!
    • Work with Career Services from day one.
      • Go to www.hirecameronaggies.com and use the online assessments to help you explore and choose a major or learn more about the career field for which you are preparing. Visit the Career Services office early in your college experience. They have a well-trained staff that can help you create a resumé and perfect interview skills that will help you land a great internship that could lead to your dream job!
    • Know the details of your degree requirement sheet.
      • Log into Degree Works regularly to see the requirements to complete your degree.
    • Study!!
      • You should study between two and three hours per week for every credit hour for which you are enrolled. Create a good study group or study on your own in a quiet place with few distractions.
    • Go to see your professors during office hours.
      • Meet with your professors in their office hours to discuss how to be successful in their class, clarify class assignments, ask questions about what you are not understanding or just get to know them.
    • Go to tutoring!