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MSBS: General Psychology Track - PT - Option 2

Part Time with Summers | Mostly Face-to-Face at Night

Start ODD Fall
1 5000 Seminar
5243 Adv. Psych Personality (night)
5383 Social & Cultural Found (night)

5053 Statistics (night)
Elective: 5223 Psy of Aging (night)

5203 Human Develop (online)

2 5013 Research Methods (night)
Elective (5393 Systems Theory at night OR 5043 Human Sexuality at night)

5003 Ethics (night)
5363 Psychopathology (night)

5413 Adv. Human Cog (online)
Apply for comp
3 5583 Adv. Social Psy (online)
Take comp

While this is the current projected rotation, it is subject to change.

  1. Most day classes meet from 11:00-1:45; most night classes meet from 6:30-9:15.
  2. Failure to complete a course in the designated semester will likely delay projected graduation.
  3. Courses in brackets are not likely to qualify for financial assistance.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to know if/when he/she qualifies for financial assistance.
  5. Students have a maximum of 6 years to complete the degree.
  6. Students must pass a comprehensive exam to earn the MSBS degree.
  7. Students who graduate under this track do not have a qualifying degree for licensure as an LPC or LMFT.