First Four Weeks* - Students

Join the First Four Weeks Campaign! Getting engaged and involved in your first four weeks on campus can really help to get you off to the right start in college. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of specific things that you can do in your first month at Cameron University that will make you feel more connected to campus and set you up for success. To be part of First Four Weeks, just choose three and try them. Later in the semester, we’ll check in with you to see what you tried and if it worked for you.

Academics- Engaging in the Classroom

  1. Meet your professors by introducing yourself either before/after class or via your Cameron University email.
  2. Find a "friend" in each of your classes in case you have to miss class or need a study partner for a major assignment.
  3. Read the syllabus and put important dates on your calendar/planner.
  4. Reach out to fellow students or your professor for help if you get stuck on a homework assignment.
  5. Show up to class! Don’t miss any classes in the first four weeks of school! Don’t skip!
  6. Log-in to Blackboard and check what is posted for each of your courses.
  7. Check your Cameron e-mail at least once per day.

Resources - Ask for Help

  1. Get a planner and get organized from the start of the semester.
  2. Visit one of the labs on campus (Center for Writers, Academic Success Lab, and Math Lab).
  3. Proofread all of your assignments.  Take the extra time and get off to a great start.
  4. Visit the Library and walk around in order to get familiar with it.  You never know, you might find a great study place!
  5. Find your favorite computer lab on campus.
  6. Locate any resources you may need throughout the semester now so you don't have to wonder about them later.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Attend a CU Succeed workshop.

Explore Campus - See what all there is


  1. Walk around campus slowly and enjoy the view.
  2. Find a special place on campus to study that works for you.
  3. Eat on campus.  Bring your lunch, stop by the MCC, or visit the cafeteria in Shepler.
  4. Play a round of disc golf.
  5. Mark something off the CU Bucket List.
  6. Visit the Aggie Rec Center.  Try out a new exercise or activity.

Social - Get out and meet new people


  1. Get a Cameron T-shirt and wear it!
  2. Participate in Spirit Friday regardless of where you are on a Friday.
  3. Attend a Welcome Week Event.
  4. Attend the Paint the Town Black and Gold Partner Fair.
  5. Attend a student organization meeting.
  6. Meet someone new, whether that be a student athlete, international student, non-traditional student, or someone in a different major.
  7. Follow Ole Kim on social media:  Twitter - @olekim, Facebook - /ole.kim1, Instagram - @olekim1.
  8. Support your fellow Aggies at an athletic event or intramural game.
  9. Donate a book to the Little Free Libraries.
  10. Challenge someone to a game of pool or Ping-Pong in the MCC or Aggie Rec Center.

*Adapted from SLCC First Four Weeks Strategies

Download a printable copy of these strategies.

Cameron student with books