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Cameron University makes it easy to apply for all institutional scholarships. Simply complete the application below and submit online. To view a complete listing of institutional scholarships, eligibility/application requirements, and contact information, please see Cameron University Scholarships. You will be considered for all Cameron scholarships and tuition waivers for which you qualify and will be notified if selected. Please note that unweighted GPAs are used in determining eligibility for freshman applicants.

Priority deadline is February 1st!

Be aware that some scholarships may have other specific deadlines. Applications must be submitted yearly in order to be considered for previous scholarships. Submitting your application early substantially improves chances for a scholarship award. Applications received after the priority deadline will only be considered if funds are available.

2017-2018 General Scholarship Application

All Applicants

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If you are applying for PLUS, complete the "PLUS App Only" section below. More Information on PLUS

Submit High School Transcript(s) if applicable

Submit College Transcript(s) if applicable

Personal Statement

For top consideration, provide a one page essay explaining your interest in the degree program you have chosen and why you believe you are deserving and/or in financial need of a scholarship. This statement is equivalent to an interview. You may submit your essay by typing it in the box below or you may attach a Microsoft Word or pdf document with your personal statement. If you submit an attachment, please be sure the attachment has your name in the upper right hand corner so that it may be matched to your application accurately.

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Please include your name in the upper right corner of your essay for full consideration.

PLUS App Only

Applicants for the PLUS scholarship must submit a resume describing extra curricular activities and a one page typed essay describing your most meaningful leadership experience and how will this experience help you to contribute to Cameron. You must also submit three reference letters to the Office of Admissions: 1) one from a counselor or principal 2) one from a teacher 3) one from someone who can detail your leadership potential or experience. The PLUS scholarship has a FIRM application deadline of February 1st. For more information, visit

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