Financial Assistance Appeals

The Financial Assistance Office recognizes that unexpected life circumstances may interfere with a student's ability to meet his/her academic goals.  The student then fails to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards, and is no longer eligible for financial aid. 

Students who find themselves denied assistance may submit a Financial Assistance Appeal to our office. Appeals must be submitted along with supporting documentation that thoroughly explains circumstances that occurred during the term in which a student failed to meet SAP.  The Appeals Committee will review the appeal and notify the student of its decision.

Please note that the Financial Assistance Appeal is a different and separate process than an Academic Appeal.  If you had an Academic Appeal approved in Admissions, you are not automatically eligible for financial aid again.  To request that your financial aid be reinstated you must also submit a Financial Assistance Appeal.

Please contact our office if you have questions about the appeals process.


The Appeal Process

You must begin by submitting a Financial Assistance Appeal Form which you will find on the forms list on the Financial Assistance web page, or if you prefer you may pick one up at our office, 301 North Shepler.

Please read the form carefully. You must write a statement detailing reasons or events that prevented you from meeting SAP during the term(s) in which those events occurred.  Address all unsuccessful terms.  The Appeals Committee will look closely at two primary points in your statement:

  1. What happened that interfered with your academic progress?
  2. What has changed that will enable you to be successful as you progress toward your academic goals?

You must attach documentation that supports your statement. Appeals submitted without documentation will not be reviewed.

You must submit your appeal by the deadline given on the Appeal Form. Appeals are reviewed in the order in which they were received in our office.  Once the committee reviews your request you will be promptly notified of their decision by email.

If your request is approved, you will meet with the appeals coordinator to discuss the terms of your appeal and you will be required to sign a statement confirming you understand the terms of the appeal contract.  After you sign your appeal contract your financial aid will be reinstated.

We believe your academic success is key to your confidence as you work to meet your goals at Cameron.  With that in mind, you will be placed on an Academic Plan that will be designed to help you pace yourself to reach attainable goals.  Your progress will be reviewed at the end of each semester as long as the plan applies.  As long as you are on the plan, you must continue to meet the requirements of your plan every semester.

If your appeal request is denied, you will not be eligible for financial aid.  Appeal denials will not be reconsidered.  The way to receive financial aid again in the future is to successfully complete enough credit hours to meet SAP standards.


Appeals Review Schedule

The Appeals Committee will review appeals by the scheduled review dates, for each term, in the order they are received by our office. We strongly encourage students to submit their appeals as early as possible. The committee will do their best to review all appeals as soon as possible; however, due to time constraints, the committee must limit the number of appeals reviewed per session.

Please be aware of the following term deadlines to submit an appeal to our office:

SUMMER 2016: submit no later than May 20th

FALL 2016: submit no later than July 15th

Summer 2016

Appeal Review Dates to be determined




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