Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is established to express the Senate’s views and make appropriate advisory recommendations to the University administration.  The Senate studies matters it believes to be of significant importance to the faculty.  Officers of the Faculty Senate are the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary, each elected by the faculty.  The Faculty Senate may determine its own internal rules of order and by-laws insofar as they are consistent with state law and Board of Regents’ policies.

2014-2015 Agendas

FS_Agenda_Aug8 FS_Agenda_Aug8
FS_Agenda_Sept12 FS_Agenda_Sept12
FS_Agenda_Oct10 FS_Agenda_Oct10
FS_Agenda_Nov14 FS_Agenda_Nov14
FS_Agenda_Dec12 FS_Agenda_Dec12
FS_Agenda_Jan9 FS_Agenda_Jan9
FS_Agenda_Feb13 FS_Agenda_Feb13
FS_Agenda_Mar13 FS_Agenda_Mar13
FS_Agenda_April10 FS_Agenda_April10

2014-2015 Minutes

FS_Minutes_Aug8 FS_Minutes_Aug8
FS_Minutes_Sept12 FS_Minutes_Sept12
FS_Minutes_Oct10 FS_Minutes_Oct10
FS_Minutes_Nov14 FS_Minutes_Nov14
FS_Minutes_Dec12 FS_Minutes_Dec12
FS_Minutes_Jan09 FS_Minutes_Jan09
FS_Minutes_Feb13 FS_Minutes_Feb13
FS_Minutes_Mar13 FS_Minutes_Mar13