Ethics Bowl Case Studies

2018 Regional Ethics Bowl Cases

  • To Be Announced

How to cover the cases:

  1. One at a time - thoroughly covering any ethics bowl case requires more than a quick, casual discussion; slow down and devote adequate time and attention to each
  2. Consider dividing the labor by assigning different students  primary responsibility for different cases, such as:
    • Have members rank the cases according to their interest in taking ownership (either after a first blush reading, or after several group discussions)
    • Eagerness
    • Willingness
    • Please no!
  3. Consider assigning members consistent roles:
    • primary initial presenter
    • primary commentator
    • primary judge interactor
    • primary researcher
  4. Develop a sense of each case’s central moral tension – ask, “What makes this case hard?”
  5. Encourage team to transcend their knee jerk responses and develop a nuanced, well-developed view
  6. "Walk around" all sides of an issue, and understand all the perspectives before formulating a strong opinion
  7. A video from one of the regional competitions might be helpful in preparing for the Bowl. Please keep in mind these competitors have had more time to prepare, so do not be intimidated. For your convenience, please watch Ethics Bowl Regional Competition Video

Case Studies for Ethics Bowl 2018 will be available to download in September 2018.

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