Oklahoma Licensure Information

Licensure Tests


The Oklahoma General Education Test is a test of core general education knowledge and skills including critical thinking, computation, and communication. The test includes approximately 100 selected-response questions and one writing assignment.

Cameron undergraduate students must pass the OGET prior to being admitted to teacher education.


The Oklahoma Subject Area Tests are designed to assess subject-matter knowledge and skills. Most OSATs contain selected-response questions and constructed-response assignments.

Cameron undergraduate students must pass the OSAT(s) specified by their programs prior to student teaching.


The Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination is designed to assess professional knowledge and skills needed by entry-level Oklahoma educators. Each OPTE includes approximately 75 selected response questions and a constructed-response section that consists of three written performance assessments.

Cameron undergraduate students must pass the OPTE before they will be recommended to the state for licensure.

Test Dates

All tests are given six times throughout the year. The list of dates along with registration deadlines can be found here.

Test Registration

Registration for all tests is available online or by mail. Information can be found on the CEOE web site.

Study Guides

Study guides are available for all Oklahoma licensure tests. Each includes the test competencies, sample test questions with explanations of the answers, and suggested test preparation strategies. Study guides are available online at no cost.

Score Reporting

Cameron students seeking licensure are responsible for turning in a copy of their passing scores for all tests to Mrs. Ramona Mott, Teacher Certification Specialist, in the Education Student Services office (NB 1012).

Applying for Your Oklahoma License

Students who have completed an approved teacher education program at Cameron University will be recommended by the university for licensure in the state of Oklahoma.

Once you have completed all elements of your program (e.g. final portfolio check, exit survey), the Teacher Certification Specialist and Director of Teacher Education will verify your completion and recommend you for licensure.

After you have been recommended, you can apply for your license through the Online Teacher Certification System on the Oklahoma State Department of Education website.

For help in using the online system, please consult the help document below.

Alternative Certification

Alternative certification is the process one uses if he/she has a degree, decides to teach, but does not have a teaching license/certificate.

In Oklahoma, those interested in alternative certification must have one of the following: at least two years of work experience in the field of his/her degree or one college course posted post-baccalaureate in the teaching field or in education.

Anyone seeking alternative certification must also pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) and an Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) based on his/her bachelor's degree field. The Oklahoma State Department of Education determines which OSAT must be passed as well as any additional educational requirements that must be completed prior to licensure.

Each applicant must complete an application for alternative licensure (pdf)  including a resume and official transcript. Also, applicants must pass a interview and background check.

More details about alternative certification can be found on the Oklahoma State Department of Education web site (pdf).

Additional Certification

Licensed and certified teachers who wish to add additional areas to their license/certificate by testing can do so using the Oklahoma State Department of Education's Online Teacher Certification System.

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