CU-Duncan testing center

Residual ACT

CU-Duncan offers the Residual ACT test to area students who:

  • Are enrolled at Cameron University;
  • Have been admitted to Cameron University; or
  • Are in the process of applying for admission to Cameron University.

(NOTE: Cameron University encourages high school students to take a National ACT exam for admission and scholarship purposes.  However, if a student is unable to take a national exam, he/she may take a Residual ACT exam.  High school students may only take the Residual ACT exam once during the year in which the respective Residual ACT examination is valid (November 1 through October 31), and the test date shall not coincide with a National ACT test date.)    

Dates and Times:

Fall 2014 Testing Date:

Tuesday, December 16

Spring Semester 2015 Testing Dates:

Monday, January 5
Friday, January 30
Friday, February 27
Friday, March 27
Friday, April 24
Friday, May 29

Tests will be given at 1:00 p.m.; check-in time is 12:30 p.m. Students must reserve a testing slot by calling 1-877-CU2-DNCN (1-877-282-3626).   

  • The fee for the test is $50.00 (check, money order or cashier's check made payable to Cameron University).

  • A photo ID must be presented to be admitted to the test (acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, military ID, current passport, or yearbook with photo).

  • Test takers may bring a calculator to use on the math portion of the exam.

  • ACT study guides are available here.

Students can expect:

  • The test to take approximately 3½ hours.

  • To obtain a copy of his/her ACT score report the following Monday from the CU-Duncan office with photo ID.

  • To be unable to repeat the Residual ACT at Cameron until the next November.

NOTE: Score reports for the Residual ACT are valid only at Cameron University.  A copy of the score report will automatically be sent to Cameron's Office of Admissions.)

For more information, contact:

Cameron University-Duncan:  1-877-CU2-DNCN (1-877-282-3626)

Contact Information

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FAX: 580-255-8210

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