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Programs and Events

The Office of Student Development-Inclusion and Student Success hosts a variety of programs related to creating and perpetuating campus diversity and inclusion. 

Below is an overview of some of our annual events:

Diversity Celebration

The Diversity Celebration is a cultural festival hosted in the fall semester by the Office of Student Development and is supported by our student organization the Diversity Diplomats. Student organizations, campus departments and the community participate through showcases of cultural talent, food and provide educational activities that celebrate the diversity of the university. A theme and common food ingredient is chosen every year for the participating groups to exemplify the commonality all cultures can have. The event offers educational opportunities, activities, performances and food that highlight the melting pot of cultures. 


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

This annual celebration commemorates the memory of the late Dr. King and his commitment to civil rights. Student Development co-hosts the event with Cameron Campus Ministry. The events include a Day of Service Project, Panel Discussion, and Banquet.


Diversity Diplomats

As a student organization, the Diversity Diplomats are focused on creating innovative programs and educational opportunities that focus on empowering and mobilizing students and the campus community to be stewards for inclusion, equity, social justice and advocacy. They work to build campus diversity and embrace their role in this mission. The host conversations, events and trainings part of their commitment. The organization builds students' leadership skills, professional development, collegiate growth and long-lasting relationships.


Mixing with Teas Cultural Celebration

The Diversity Diplomats host this spring cultural celebration as a way to kick-off the spring semester and bond with each other over a commonality shared around the globe - drinking tea. Tea, over the years has spread to become a celebrated norm across the globe. Students have the opportunity to make their own teas, sample flavors from across the world, and learn about the cultural background and norms for which the teas where based on historically. A relaxing morning of comfort food and conversations.


Disability Awareness

As part of Disability Services, our office hosts an awareness fair and guest speaker in the fall and spring respectively, that educate on disability awareness and impact our campus to learn to be equitable and just in serving this unrepresented population. The fair, offers learning stations, simulations and an opportunity to better support our students. The spring event hosts a notable guest speaker who has been impacted by a disability and overcomes adversity.

Inclusion and Leadership Summit

Each spring, the Office of Student Development - Inclusion and Student Success hosts the Inclusion and Leadership Summit. The purpose of the summit is to provide students with the tools and knowledge to become leaders in a diverse world. The summit offers the opportunity for students to attend workshops, panel discussions and breakout sessions regarding diversity, social justice, inclusion and other current events facing the ever growing society. The summit is open to all CU students, staff and faculty.

It's On Us Campaign

The objective of this campaign is to promote prevention, reporting and response to sexual harassment, assault and gender-based violence on Cameron University’s campus. Our goal is to foster engagement with students, and educate our campus on the necessity for bystander intervention for sexual assault. With members of the Lawton-Fort Sill community and in partnership with the It’s On Us Campaign, we plan to generate a more open and honest dialogue about being proactive in prevention. While training occurs throughout the school year, the university honors the events in October, for the Fall Week of Action and in April, for the national Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

We hope to CU there! 


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