Disability Services - Accommodation Myths

Myths, Assumptions and Requests that are not considered Reasonable

  • If I need more testing to verify my disability, the university will pay for and provide the testing.
  • The university will automatically provide the course modifications that are authorized on my last high school IEP or 504 plan.
  • My doctor wrote the diagnosis on one of those pads like they write prescriptions on. It can be taken to any institution and they will give me accommodations. They'll understand it.
  • Whatever accommodations I say I need must be provided.
  • Accommodations are based on what I want.
  • The accommodations I need will be the same in all classes.
  • Because of my disability, admission and/or graduation requirements won't apply.
  • The university will keep increasing my accommodations until I am able to pass a class. My accommodations guarantee I will pass my courses.
  • Since my self-concept is low, the university will arrange for me to succeed in whatever I want.
  • My instructors are not allowed to fail me since I have a disability.
  • Instructors must give me their personal notes, outlines, study guides and a practice exam.
  • If I have a problem, then later notify the instructor and Office of Student Development that I need accommodations, I can redo and retake assignments and test so the results can be adjusted. Accommodations are retroactive.
  • Any absences will automatically be excused if I am sick or if it is disability related.
  • I can take only half of the normal test. The tests will have to be shorter for me.
  • I can always have unlimited time to complete assignments or exams.
  • My tests will all be open book since that was something they did for me in high school.
  • The university will call and wake me up to make sure I get to class on time.
  • The university will help me with my transportation needs from my residence to the campus.
  • The university has to pay tuition and fees for students with disabilities and help with the cost of books.
  • The university will be violating the law if they don't give me one-on-one tutoring.
  • I see that the other student with disabilities in my classroom has been provided with a special table or chair. If that's what students with disabilities receive, I should get one too.
  • I can have the ASL interpreter I want.

Special thanks to Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City for permission to reprint information on this page.