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Cameron AITP Student Chapter Attends Region 3 Student Conference, 2013

The Cameron University Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Student Chapter attended the Region 3 Student Conference on October 31, November 1, and 2, 2013. The conference was held in Oklahoma City on the campus of ITT Technical College. Fourteen Cameron students attended the conference and participated in different Information Technology (IT) competitions and took certification exams. There were around 300 students participating in the conference from Region 3, which consists of the following states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. One university came from Missouri.

The students participated in the following IT competitions: Mobile Applications, Microsoft Office solutions, Security Analysis, PC Troubleshooting, Networking Competencies, Hacking and Systems Analysis and Design. The following are students that placed in the top 3 or were awarded an Honorable Mention:

  • Microsoft Office Solutions 3rd place – Alka Shrestha and Eugenio Vazquea-Ruiz
  • Security Analysis – Honorable Mention, Gilron Charles
  • PC Troubleshooting – 2nd place – Gilron Charles
  • Mobile Applications – 1st place – Kenesha Fairley and Edmund Velinor
  • Hacking – Honorable Mention – Harry Kimberling and Moshood Ojulari
  • Hacking – 1st place – Gilron Charles

The following students received Microsoft Technology Associate certifications:

  • Moshood Ojulari: Windows Operating System Fundamentals & Security Fundamentals
  • Jasmine Schultz: Networking Fundamentals
  • Eugenio Vazquez-Ruiz: Networking Fundamentals & Security Fundamentals
  • Harry Kimberling: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Gilron Charles also took and passed the Associate Computing Professional (ACP) certification, which includes the IS Core exam and 2 specialty exams, Microcomputing and Networking. Gilron had the highest score on the ACP certification exams taken during the conference and received a Tablet PC.

Cameron University was also awarded Second Place for the Highest Performing School at the conference. This award reflects all placings by university and the Top 3 receive recognition. Cameron students place second only behind Texas State University who had more than 40 students in attendance compared to Cameron’s 14 students.

CaT student Gilron Charles won the first place in competition, 18th AITP Conference

Cameron University senior Gilron Charles took the first place in the Computer Security Scenarios competition, held during the Association of Information Technology Professional’s 18th Annual National Collegiate Conference. <read more about the conference>


Greg Steen is a Cameron University Graduate of Information Assurance and Security under the Information Technology Major. He has a total of eight years in the I.T. industry, four of which as a System/Database Administrator, then as an I.T. Auditor. Prior to embarking on his journey in the I.T. field, Greg served in the United States Marine Corps. He has done two combat tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2004. Greg hopes to help make a difference in the way information relates to the warfront of America. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Tulsa with a focus in Cyber Security. His studies covered Penetration Testing, Computer & Network Forensics, Enterprise Security Management, and Hardware Reverse Engineering. Greg also continues to serve in the military as a reservist also specializing in Information Technology.


The Business of Penetration Testing


Penetration testing are words that are used often in information security. It refers to a type of audit performed on a system testing for vulnerabilities that an attacker may be looking to exploit. The individuals conducting the audit are often known as the “pen-testers”. Becoming a pen-tester is definitely an attractive bonus in studying Information Assurance and Security but learning individual tools to test certain areas of a network will be needed. This presentation will give a look into the basics of conducting a thorough penetration test. The topics will include initial contact, internal and external scanning, an in-depth tool utilization of nmap, metasploit, nessus, john the ripper and backtrack 5; as well as deliverables to the client.

Presentation was at Feb 2nd. At 8:00 am at CETES.

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AITP Regional Conference 2011

Cameron AITP Chapter competed in the Region 3 Conference over the Fall break and we have some great news to share. There were eight competitions and our school scored the following honors:

Philmore Thompson: 2nd place Security Assessment Contest
Sona Aryal and Ashim Ghimire: 3rd place Mobile Applications Contest
Abhas Bhatt and Delvis Simmonds: 3rd place PC Troubleshooting Contest

The Cameron chapter was also recognized as an outstanding chapter for the above accomplishments.

The conference was held at Sam Houston State University and 24 schools were represented by 190+ students.

Our students also won some cool door prizes.

Delvis Simmonds and Kriti Acharya won Dell LCD monitors.
Adegbamigbe Oluwatosin won an LCD TV.
Pawan Subedi won a 20$ gift card.

"So You Think You're Secure? Balancing Technology, Policy and Education for Maximum IT Security"

Given by Mr. Bejamin Carlson

Benjamin Carlson earned the BS and MS in computer science from the University of Nevada and is currently working on the PhD in computer science at the University of Oklahoma.

He is an information technology warrant officer in the Oklahoma army national guard and has been a member of the Oklahoma military department Computer Network Defense Team (CNDT) for six years.

He has his CISSP, Network+ and Security+ certifications and has been working in various areas of information technology since 1983 when he joined the army as a field artillery computer repairman.

He is currently working as a software engineer on battlefield RADARS for CGI Federal.


This talk will be about balancing technology, policy and user education/awareness to achieve a good level of IT security. Also, this talk will focus on the debate over which of these three is most important and how they are viewed by others in the IT world.

This talk will be about balancing technology, policy and user education/awareness to achieve a good level of IT security. Also, this talk will focus on the debate over which of these three is most important and how they are viewed by others in the IT world.

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"A Day in the Life of a Network Professional"

Given By Scott Wright

Senior Network Architect

University Of Oklahoma

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation Under Oklahoma's NSF EPSCoR CyberConnectivity Grant

Presented on : April 21 2011

Brief: This talk was about job experiences of a Network Professional. This included his day to day experiences, issues of professionalism. customer service, project management, and career growth network professionals encounter. It also included resume building tip foe prospective employees.

"Identity Theft"

Given By Ken Dewy

Professor Computer Information Technology

Rose State College

Presented on : April 8 2011

Brief: On Sept15,2011 Cameron's Department Of Computing and Technology hosted a seminar about cyber security that focused on balancing technology, educating users and making policies to provide maximum information technology.(More on article below)

A Day in the Life of a Web development Professional

Speaker: Gray Delacluyse

Mobile Software Architect
University Of Oklahoma

Date: Wednesday September 28, 2011

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation under Oklahoma's NSF EPSCoR CyberConnectivity Grant.

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