Cyber Security Degrees

Associate in Applied Science in IT option Information Assurance/Security

AAS in IT with Option in Cyber Security and Information offers the following courses:

Information Assurance core*

  • IAS 2233 Intro to Information Assurance/Security
  • IAS 2333 Computer Forensics
  • IAS 3063 Information Assurance Networking Fundamentals
  • IAS 3263 Security Architecture


  • IT 1213 Programming Logic
  • IT 1413 Programming I
  • IT 2413 Programming II


  • EET 1063 Introduction to Networking
  • IT 2063 Networking Technologies

System Courses

  • CIS 1013 Intro to Computer Info Systems
  • CIS 2033 Fund of Systems Analysis and Design

General Education

  • Students take 18 credit hours of General Education.


  • Students take 6 credit hours of Technical-Occupational Support and 6 credit hours of Technical Occupational and Related Courses

* IAS 2233 is mandatory and students choose 3 among four IAS electives including IAS 3233 E-commerce and Web Security.

Bachelor of Science in IT option Information Assurance/Security

Cameron University offers a 2+2 program in IT. AAS Students willing to pursue a BS in IT within the same option in Information Assurance/Security have to take the following courses:

Major Core:

  • CIS 3083 Database
  • IT   3603 Human Computer Interface Development
  • STAT 3013 Introductory Probability & Statistics
  • TECH 3013 Technical Communications
  • IT 4342 Legal & Ethical Issues for the IT Professional
  • IT 4444 IT Capstone 

 Information Assurance core

  • IAS 3233 Ecommerce and Web Security
  • IAS 4063 Current Topics in Info Assurance/Security

 General Education

  • Students complete a minimum of 50 credit hours of General Education, which includes 18 credit hours taken in the AAS

Guided Electives

  • Students take 6 credit hours of courses under course code TECH 3xxx or TECH 4yyyy or MGMT 4443 Project Management

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