Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding all requests for

(1) course changes,

(2) new courses,

(3) program changes, and

(4) new programs.

2015-2016 Minutes

CC_Minutes_15_09_09.pdf CC_Minutes_15_09_09.pdf
CC_Minutes_15_10_07.pdf CC_Minutes_15_10_07.pdf
CC_Minutes_15_11_11.pdf CC_Minutes_15_11_11.pdf
CC_Minutes_16_01_14.pdf CC_Minutes_16_01_14.pdf
CC_Minutes_16_02_23.pdf CC_Minutes_16_02_23.pdf


Faculty: One elected by and from the Faculty Senate; one faculty representative for every 20 full-time faculty members in each undergraduate school to be elected by and from the school (Deans are to be included in the count of faculty of each school).

Students: Three appointed by the Student Government Association President.

Administrator: The Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her representative (ex officio, non-voting).