Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs is not a formally designated body but is designed to facilitate communication between the chairs, deans, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The council generally meets monthly. 

As the Council of Chairs is not a formally designated body, minutes are not kept. Agendas for meetings are available.

2014-2015 Agendas

2014.08.21 Agenda 2014.08.21 Agenda
2014.09.18 Agenda 2014.09.18 Agenda
2014.10.15 Agenda 2014.10.15 Agenda
2014.11.20 Agenda 2014.11.20 Agenda
2014.12.16 Agenda 2014.12.16 Agenda
2015.01.22 Agenda 2015.01.22 Agenda
2015.02.26 Agenda 2015.02.26 Agenda


Administrators: VPAA, Deans

Faculty: Chairs

Council of Chairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Ronna Vanderslice

School of Business: Dean John Camey

Assistant to the Dean: Beth Adele                               

School of Education and Behavioral Sciences: Dean Lisa Huffman

Education: Jennifer Dennis

Health and P.E.: Stephanie Boss

Psychology: Mary Dzindolet

School of Liberal Arts: Dean Von Underwood

Art: Edna McMillan

Communication: Chris Keller

Criminal Justice and Sociology: Jonathan Odo

English and Foreign Languages: John Hodgson

History and Government: Lance Janda

Music: Greg Hoepfner (Interim Chair)

Theatre: Scott Richard Klein

School of Science and Technology: Dean Terry Conley

Agriculture: Leon Fischer

Biological Sciences: Carla Guthridge

Computing and Technology: Johnny Carroll

Mathematical Sciences: Terry Conley (Acting Chair)

Military Science: LTC David Zaccheus

Physical Sciences: Danny McGuire

Library: Director Sherry Young, Barbara Pickthorn

Adult and Continuing Education: AVP Sylvia Burgess

Office of Teaching and Learning: Marge Kingsley

At-Large Members

Academic Affairs Coordinator: Mandy Husak

Academic Enrichment Director: Tony Wohlers

Advising Center Director: JR Larsen

Distance Learning Director: Lisa Restivo

Educational Project Specialist: Vinetta Stanton