About the Ceremony

The Academic Procession

Opening this ceremony is an academic procession whose roots reach back into the earliest days of the oldest colleges and universities. Representatives of each school and department within Cameron University march together, preceded by their respective organizational banners, and garbed in academic regalia that distinguishes them from their colleagues in other fields of learning. The procession manifests a collegiality of thought and action, while maintaining appropriate distinctions.

Man wearing the distinctive regaliaThe Tradition of Academic Regalia

Like many of our other traditions, the wearing of distinctive regalia began in England. There, in the second half of the 14th Century, the statutes of certain colleges prescribed the wearing of a long gown by faculty and students. Over time, distinctive colors were adopted by each discipline to distinguish them from their colleagues.

In 1895, agreement among several American universities was reached for the establishment of a suitable code of academic dress for this nation. This code, with modifications made in 1959, remains in force. The costumes, colors, trimmings and patterns are all traditional, and interpret both the degree and field of learning.

The bachelor's gown, designed to be worn closed, has pointed sleeves. The master's gown, which may be worn open or closed, has an oblong, open sleeve that hangs down in traditional manner. The doctor's gown has bell-shaped sleeves. It may be worn open or closed.

Bachelor's and master's gowns are untrimmed. The facing and three bars across the sleeves of the doctor's gowns are generally velvet and are either black or coincide with the color of the edging of the hood. The colors you will see in the hoods and gowns represent the various fields in which the degrees were taken.

The hoods, which differ in length for the three degrees, are lined with the official colors of the university or college conferring the degree, usually with one color forming a chevron pattern over the other. Hoods are edged and bound with velvet of the color appropriate for the degree. Colors and corresponding fields of study are:

Brown: Fine Arts
Crimson: Journalism
Dark Blue: Philosophy
Golden Yellow: Science
Lemon Yellow: Library Science
Light Blue: Education
Pink: Music
Purple: Law
Sage Green: Physical Education
Scarlet: Theology
White: Arts, Letters, Humanities
Yellow/Brown: Commerce, Business, Accountancy

Mortarboards are the approved headgear. The tassel, worn on the left of the cap, may be gold if the holder has a doctor's degree.

Recognition of University Honor Societies

At the center of every university are the combined efforts of students and faculty to achieve academic excellence in their chosen fields of specialization. At Cameron University, there are active chapters of a number of national and international honor societies. Membership in these societies represents the achievement of a high standard of academic excellence. In acknowledging the accomplishments of members of these societies, we honor the efforts of all our faculty and students to create an environment in which our students have achieved excellence. Cameron hosts chapters of the following honor societies:

Alpha Psi Omega - Theatre Arts
Beta Beta Beta - Biology
Delta Mu Delta - Business
Gamma Sigma Epsilon - Chemistry
Honors Student Society - Honors
Kappa Delta Pi - Education
Kappa Kappa Psi - Band
Lambda Pi Eta - Communication
Order of Omega - Student Activities
Phi Alpha Theta - History
Phi Eta Sigma - All Disciplines (Freshmen)
Phi Kappa Phi - All Disciplines  (Juniors, Seniors, and
                          Graduate Students)
Phi Sigma Iota - Foreign Languages
Pi Kappa Delta - Forensics
Pi Mu Epsilon - Mathematics
Pi Sigma Alpha - Political Science
Psi Chi - Psychology
Sigma Tau Delta - English

We also acknowledge Cameron students who participate in other distinguished scholarship programs:


Academic Excellence & Academic Merit Scholars
Academic Scholars
Randy Cumby Tuition Waiver Scholars
Laura Fields Trust Scholars
Freshman Scholars
Graduate Student Scholars
McMahon Scholars
C. Glyn and Virginia C. Mitchell Scholars
Jim Nisbett Tuition Waiver Scholars
Oklahoma's Promise
PLUS Scholars
President's Distinguished Scholars
President's Partners Scholars
Regional University Baccalaureate Scholars
Red River Technology Center Scholars
Transfer Scholars
Valedictorian & Salutatorian Scholars


In addition to these scholars, each Cameron department presents awards based on excellence in a specific discipline.  Among these programs are:

2LT Tobias Alexander Endowed Scholarship in Military Science
1961 National Champion Junior Rose Bowl Team Endowed Scholarship
Albert Johnson, Sr. Golf Scholarship
Allen L. Zisman Excellence in Chemistry Endowed Scholarship
Anne Morris Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Barbara and Bill Hughes Educational Scholarship
B. Charles Spradlin and LaDonna Spradlin Endowed Scholarship in Business
B.H. and Flora Brewer Endowed Scholarship
Bernice Pittman Moss Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education
Beth Ann Smith Scholarship
Bhargava Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture
Bhargava Family Endowed Scholarship in Business
Bhattacharya Family Endowed Scholarship in Business
Bill G. Shahan Family Endowed Scholarship in Health and P.E.
Billy Slabaugh Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
Blanche Beavers Endowed Scholarship in Business
Buck and Irene Clements Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture
Buck and Irene Clements Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Education
Byford Lincoln Mercury Scholarship
Cameron University Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Cameron University International Student Endowed Scholarship
Charles Shelley Graybill, M.D., Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Medicine Studies
Chemistry Alumni Scholarship
Chesapeake Natural Gas Scholarship
Cindy Ross Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
Cindy Ross Endowed Scholarship for Single Parents
Cindy Ross President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Cleo Brittain Watson Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Cleo L. Craig Endowed Scholarship in Special Education
Clothide Fulbright Crawford Endowed Scholarship
Comanche County Retired Teachers Scholarship
C.P. Mercadante Endowed Scholarship
Craig Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture
CU BancFirst Investment Portfolio Endowed Scholarship
David A. Himes Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Business
Dennis Lang Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Communication
Departmental Tuition Waiver Scholarship
Doris Aycock Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Dorothy Saltus-Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Doss Owen Lynn President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Dr. George Stanley Endowed Scholarship in Foreign Languages
Dr. Miguel Rodriquez Scholarship in Music
Dr. Sylvia Burgess Endowed Service Award
E. Virginia Charlson Endowed Scholarship
Ebony Society Endowed Scholarship
Edith Marie Barker Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Adcock Endowed Scholarship
Emma Tomlinson Endowed Scholarship
Ewell B. Lacy Endowed Scholarship Fund
Fannie Elise Smith Charitable Foundation Endowed Scholarship
FAA/MTS Scholarship
Floss Belland Endowed Scholarship in Women’s Golf
Floyd J. Freeman Endowed Scholarship
Frank and Katherine Melka Endowed Scholarship
Fred Heinz Family Endowed Scholarship
Fulbright-Helvey Endowed Scholarship
Gerald F. Ruschmeyer Endowed Scholarship
Goldie and Gladys Weller Endowed Scholarship
Goodyear Toyota Endowed Scholarship
Great Plains AMBUCS Endowed Scholarship in honor of Cindy Ross
Helen Carney Endowed Math Scholarship
Helen W. Holliday Foundation Scholarship
Herbert C. King Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Herbert S. Orr, M.D. Endowed Scholarship
Ina Mae Stapp Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Jack L. and Joyce Cline Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture
Jack Wolfson Endowed Scholarship in Military Science
James R. and Irene J. Lawrence Memorial Endowed Trust Scholarship
Jamie Lyn Abbott Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jane M. Morse Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jean and Jerry Orr Endowed Scholarship in Athletics
Jessie Mae Hines Endowed Scholarship in Language Arts
Jessie Marie Dunbar President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Joel Wilkinson Endowed Scholarship in Music
John Elmer Lillard Trust Endowed Scholarship
Kaiser Scholarship in Pre-Medical Studies
Keith Lavender Athletic Scholarship Fund
Ken and Darlene Kleypas Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Kennedy-Agriculture Foundation Scholarship
Kenneth C. Garner Endowed Scholarship in STEM
Kevin Everett Memorial Scholarship
Kinder Agriculture Scholarship
LaDonna Spradlin Endowed Scholarship in Health and PE
Lahoma E. Benke Endowed Scholarship
LaTondra Sapp Honorary Book Scholarship
Lawton-Fort Sill Chapter of AUSA Endowed Scholarship
Lawton Retail Merchants Assn. President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Lawton Shakespeare Club Endowed Scholarship in English
Lawton Transit Mix Endowed Scholarship
Leigh Holmes Creative Non-Fiction Award Endowment
Leslie Powell Fine Arts Scholarship
Loren and Rebecca McKeown Endowed Scholarship in English
McGoohan Scholarship
Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Nancy Edith Hale Endowed Scholarship
Phi Kappa Phi Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Philip S. and Aldine Cash Endowed Scholarship in Music
Phillip and Marshall Cable Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Physical Science Gifts Scholarship
Raymond “Red” Miller Scholarship in Chemistry
Reginal C. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Richard J. Allgood M.D. Scholarship in Pre-Medicine Studies
Shamen Marie Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Shelia O. Lee Endowed Scholarship
Society of Physics Scholarship
Sondra Bonnington Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Southwestern Medical Center Scholarship
T.A. Phillip and Adeline Hamra Scholarship
Terri Garner Hardzog Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Nursing
Thomas C. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Todd and Cindy Sanner Endowed Scholarship in Science and Technology
Tom Sutherlin President’s Distinguished Scholarship
Tyrell and Mitchell International Student Book Scholarship
Vinola D. Scott Education Trust Fund Scholarship
Virginia K. & Robert L. Janda Endowed Scholarship
We Want You Back Endowed Scholarship
William K. “Bill” Burch Endowed Scholarship
Willy Flores Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture

We salute the recipients of each of these awards of merit.

 The mace

The Mace

Leading the academic procession is the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the person elected annually by Cameron's faculty to preside over that deliberative body and represent them at ceremonial functions. The Chair carries the mace to symbolize the authority of the faculty in academic matters and the practice of shared governance within the university.

During the Middle Ages, the wood mace clad in metal was an effective weapon in battle. As newer and more powerful arms were developed, its military significance diminished and it was transformed into a symbol of authority.

The earliest ceremonial maces were borne by bodyguards of the 12th Century English and French kings. By the end of the 16th Century, officials of English cities and towns used them widely. Today, the use of the ceremonial mace is found in the British Houses of Parliament, carried before ecclesiastical dignitaries and in university ceremonies such as this.

Cameron's mace was designed and created in 1981 by Benson Warren, a member of the Art Department faculty. It is cast in bronze and displays in bas-relief the three peaks of the Wichita Mountains from the university's official seal. The Faculty Senate Chair has carried it in the academic procession at each university function since its adoption.


Academic Gonfalons

Honor students carrying academic gonfalons, which graphically symbolize each academic department, will lead the faculty during the processional.

The gonfalons were designed in 2012 by the Office of Public Affairs, in collaboration with members of the various disciplines on campus.

Convocation graphic