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Dr. Johnny Carroll, Chair

Dr. Johnny Carroll, Chair

Ph. D., University Of North Texas [Computer Science]
M.S., Oklahoma State University [Computer Science]
B.S., Southeastern Oklahoma State University [Computer Science & Mathematics]
Office : Howell Hall, 104C
Phone: (580) 581-2335

Mr. Donald Aguilar, Associate Professor & B.H. and Flora Brewer Endowed Professor in Instructional Technology

Mr. Donald Aguilar, Associate Professor & B.H. and Flora Brewer Endowed Professor in Instructional Technology

M.Ed., Texas A&M University [Technology, Instructional Technology]
B.S., Texas A&I University [ English and Speech Education]

Office : CETES 102 B
Phone: (580) 581-2544
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Ms. Suncha Baptiste

Ms. Suncha Baptiste

M.S., Cameron University
B.S., Cameron University
Office : CETES 102A
Phone: (580) 581-2514

Dr. Pedro Diaz-Gomez, Assistant Professor

Dr. Pedro Diaz-Gomez, Associate Professor

Ph.D., M.S.,University Of Oklahoma [Computer Science]
Quality Control Management Specialist
Human Resource Management
Telematigue and Computer Networks Specialist
Computer & Systems Engineer
B.S. in Pedagogic with emphasis in  Mathematic 
Office :Howell Hall, 203D
Phone:(580) 581-7934
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Dr. Jawad Drissi, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jawad Drissi, Associate Professor

M.S., Ph.D, University Of Montreal [Computer Science](Canada)M.S., University of Grenoble [Mathematics] (France)
Office: Howell Hall, 203B
Phone: (580) 581-7935

Dr. Mike Estep, Assistant Professor

Dr. Mike Estep, Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Study, Nova Southeastern University [Information Systems]
Ed.S., Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University [Computing Technology in Education]

B.A., M.T.,  Southeastern Oklahoma State University [Music Education, Computer Science]
Office: Howell Hall,104C
Phone: (580) 581-7937
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Mrs. Teresa Hickerson, Instructor

Mrs. Teresa Hickerson, Instructor

M.B.A Southwestern Oklahoma State University
B.S., Cameron University [Computer Science]

Office: Howell Hall, 212C
Phone: (580) 591-8094

Dr. Abbas Johari, Professor

Dr. Abbas Johari, Professor

Ph.D., Arizona State University [Curriculum & Instruction -Educational Technology]
Educational Technology Research and Development Journal Editor

M.T., Arizona State University [Computer Engineering Technology]
B.S., Metro State College [Computer Engineering Technology]
Office : CETES 113
Phone: (580) 581-2540
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Mr. Feridoon Moinian, Associate Professor

Mr. Feridoon Moinian, Associate Professor

M.S. University Of Oklahoma [Computer Science] B.A., I.I.A.A (Tehran)
Office : Howell Hall, 203C
Phone: (580) 581-2489
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Dr. Muhammad Javed, Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Javed, Associate Professor

M.S., Ph.D, University Of Oklahoma [Computer Science]
M.B.A, Oklahoma City University
B.S., University Of Engineering and Technology [Civil Engineering]

Office :Howell Hall, 212A
Phone: (580) 581-2846
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Mr. David Smith, Instructor

Mr. David Smith, Instructor

M.S., University Of Southern California
B.S., University Of Arizona
Office: Howell Hall, 104F
Phone: (580) 581-2850
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Dr. Linda Wright-Smith, Associate Professor

Dr. Linda Wright-Smith, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Instructional Psychology and Technology [Oklahoma University Norman]
M. Ed. English Literature [Cameron University Lawton]

B. S. Electronics Technology [Cameron University Lawton]

B. A. Romance Languages, Basic Teaching Certification [Portland State University Portland]
Office : CETES 102C
Phone: (580) 581-5549
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Dr. Chao Zhao, Associate Professor

Dr. Chao Zhao, Professor

M.S., Ed.D, Texas A&M University-Commerce [Computer Science, Biology]
B.S., Liaoning Normal University(China)
Ph. D, Study, University Of Oklahoma [ Computer Science ]
Office: Howell Hall, 104D
Phone: (580) 581-2907
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Mr. Tom Russell, Associate Professor

Mr. Tom Russell, Associate Professor

M.S., Midwestern State University [Computing Technologies]
A.S., B.S, Cameron University[Computing Technologies]
C.C.P, Institute for Certification for Computer Professionals.
Howell Hall, 212E
(580) 581-2345
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Tom Sutherlin, Associate Professor

Mr. Tom Sutherlin, Associate Professor

A.A.S, B.S., M.S., Oklahoma State University
Tom Sutherlin joined the Cameron staff in 1972 and retires as Associate Professor/Director of Institutional Research and Assessment. He and his wife, Sharon (who holds two Cameron degrees) have four children and 11 grandchildren. Their daughters also attended Cameron. Melissa earned her baccalaureate degree from Cameron, Shannon attended CU, and Nikki was enrolled as a concurrent high school student. Following retirement, Tom plans to spend time with his family, have a lot of fun, and donate his time to his church and community service.



Mrs. Maribel Gomez, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Maribel Gomez, Administrative Assistant

Executive Bilingual Secretary and Accountant,
English Commercial School(Mexico)
Office : Howell Hall, 104
Phone: (580) 581-2335
Fax    : (580) 581-2333

Kimberly Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kimberly Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Office : CETES 102
Phone: (580) 581-5522


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