2014 Commencement

Faculty Senate Chair

Where and When To Assemble

The commencement activities will begin at 7:30 p.m.

All faculty members and the administrative staff should assemble at Cameron Stadium no later than 7:00 p.m. in the east endzone.

Faculty should assemble behind the sign designating their departments in this order:

Department with One Major
  • Chair
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Leader
  • Candidates
Department with Multiple Majors
  • Chair
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Leader (1st major)
  • Candidates (1st major)
  • Faculty Leader (2nd major)
  • Candidates (2nd major)
  • Etc.

Commencement Assistants will direct individuals to the appropriate assembly area. Please accept the Commencement Assistants' direction. These assistants will be wearing distinctive clothing.


The Processional

The Processional will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. The Chair of Faculty Senate will lead the platform party to the platform through the center of the seating area. Faculty and candidates from the east endzone will follow the platform party into the appropriate seating areas. Commencement Assistants will direct your movements during the processional.


Presentation of Diplomas

The Chair of each department will lead the department faculty and candidates across the platform. The last member of the faculty to cross the platform is designated the "faculty leader" and he/she will first present a card identifying the academic major to the reader at the microphone, and then conduct the candidates across the platform to receive their diplomas. If there is more than one major in the department, the faculty leader for the second major will follow the last graduate of the first major.

As faculty leave the platform, they will form a receiving line to the rear of the platform, where they will briefly congratulate graduates. Graduates and faculty will then return to the seating area. Please accept the direction of the Commencement Assistants as they guide you back to your seats.


The Recessional

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the President will dismiss participants. As the band plays the recessional music, the platform party will depart the platform and proceed back to their assembly area. The faculty and graduates will then follow the platform party back to assembly areas. All are then free to leave.