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Fellowship of Christian Students


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Welcome to the XA (Chi Alpha) Campus Ministry home page here at Cameron University. We are not a fraternity, sorority, or a social organization.  Chi Alpha is an interdenominational Christian student organization whose purpose on campus is to provide a resource for interested students, so they may prosper in Jesus Christ.

Chi Alpha (pronounced "kai alpha") stands for the Greek words "Christou apostoloi" -- Christ's sent ones, or, Christ's Ambassadors.  This is based on the words of the Apostle Paul, "We are therefore Christ's ambassadors...we implore you on Christ's behalf: be reconciled to God" (2 Corinthians 5:20).

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Bible Study

Chi Alpha students at Thanksgiving

Our Spring 2018 Bible Fellowship is on Thursdays at 5:00pm in Science Complex Room 200.  We start with a meal together then the emphasis is on building our personal relationship with God. We plan to do this through investigating...

  1. prayer...Communication with God.
  2. worship...Expressions of thanks through word, music, and service
  3. fellowship...Community of students developing quality relationships.
  4. discipleship...Learning about Jesus and following His example.
  5. mission...Living a life that reflects our relationship with God in what we say and do.

January 11 Topic:  Forensic Faith Readiness Review

January 18 Topic:  Why Are You A Christian?

January 25 Topic:  What Evidence Do You Have To Believe God Exists?

February 1 Topic: Why Do You Trust What The Bible Says About Jesus?

February 8 Topic: Why Would God Send People To Hell Just Because They Don't Believe In Jesus?

February 15 Topic: If God Is All-Loving and All-Powerful, Why Is There So Much Evil In The World?

February 22 Topic: If God Is The Creator Of Everything, Who Created God?

March 1: Why Would A Loving God Command The Total Destruction Of All Of Israel's Enemies (Including Their Children And Livestock)?

Chi Alpha Welcome to CUXA

CU Chi Alpha's Fall 2017 Welcome To CUXA was a pizza mixer on September 11.  Fifteen students and one CUXA staff had opportunity to meet and greet.  The Student President introduced students to Chi Alpha with a powerful presentation of the mission and core values.  Dr. Bryan, the faculty advisor, introduced the impact of XA with his story of XA involvement going back to 1979.

Outings with other XA Chapters

Chi Alpha tailgate party

CUXA has a history of being part of statewide XA retreats, attending regional XA conferences, and participating in national leadership institutes.  The picture above was taken at the annual XA ice skating event in OKC that occurs every January. For Spring Semester 2018, we are planning to load the van just outside the Science Complex between about 7:45pm on Friday, January 26 to travel to the Blazers Ice Centre in OKC.

Fall Retreat

All the Chi Alpha chapters in Oklahoma join in a fall semester Breakaway retreat.  The Fall 2017 XA Breakaway theme is "Revive Me."  Join Oklahoma Chi Alpha for the weeked on September 22-24 at the Sparks Camp near Sparks for worship, impactful teaching, and a lot of fun with other college students from across the state.  

Thanksgiving at the Home of XA Directors, Dr. & Mrs. Bryan

Thanksgiving at the home of XA director Dr. & Mrs. Bryan

Student Activist Leadership Training (SALT)

Chi Alpha chapters from our South Central Region unite in a conference during Christmas break.  CU XA has taken about twenty different students over the past ten years to this regional conference. It has rotated from Glorietta, NM, to Grand Lake, OK, to Dallas, TX, to Lake View Conference Center near Waxahachie, TX.  CU students were able to get together with five hundred to a thousand students annually from Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

National Leadership Institute

Students at conference

Reach-The-U Institute Third Week of June

Several hundred students, faculty advisors, and directors annually get together in Springfield, MO during June for a conference on how to better serve your campus.  Our chapter has taken about ten students to this conference over the past ten years. 

Scholarship Fund Raising

The XA Classic Golf Tournament

Chi Alpha chapters from all over Oklahoma get together to host this event.  It is held every summer.  
If you or another Chi Alpha member would like to be a tournament volunteer, we need to hear from you. Thanks for helping to spread the news and if you have any questions we're only an e-mail or phone call away.
till every campus knows JESUS!

CUXA Contact Information

Spring Fall 2018

Dr. Clinton D. Bryan, Faculty Advisor



Amarachi Oleru, Student President


Torey Hamilton, Student Vice-President