Department of Military Sciences

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a four year program designed to complement the student's major and minor fields of study by developing the skills required in a leader. There is no military obligation for non-ROTC scholarship students enrolled in freshman and sophomore level classes. Contracted cadets receive a subsistence allowance each month during the academic year. Students completing the Advanced Course apply for a commission as a second lieutenant in the Active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Students may apply for 4 year Army scholarships during their senior year in high school, or 3 and 2 year scholarships after they enroll in the University. Qualified students may apply for Airborne, Air Assault, and other military training conducted during the summer.


Course Requirements Hours
MSL 1011 Foundations of Officership Lab 1
MSL 1012 Foundations of Officership 2
MSL 1021 Basic Leadership Lab 1
MSL 1022 Basic Leadership 2
Course Requirements Hours
MSL 2011 Individual Leadership Lab 1
MSL 2012 Individual Leadership Studies 2
MSL 2021 Leadership and Teamwork Lab 1
MSL 2022 Leadership and Teamwork 2
MSL 2002-8 Leader's Training Course (Summer only) 2-8

Students may receive Advanced Standing or placement credit for the Basic Course for prior active or reserve component duty in any service. Students may also receive partial placement credit if they completed 2 or more years of Junior ROTC (JROTC) in high school. The Professor of Military Science determines the credits given for JROTC experience.

Students with sophomore academic status may take MS I and MS II courses simultaneously. Students who have completed their sophomore year and seniors applying to graduate school may attend the Leader’s Training Course (MSL 2002-8) if they are interested in qualifying for the Advanced Course.


Course Requirements Hours
MSL 3011 Leadership and Problem Solving Lab 1
MSL 3013 Leadership and Problem Solving 3
MSL 3021 Leadership and Ethics Lab 1
MSL 3023 Leadership and Ethics 2
Course Requirements Hours
MSL 4004 Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAP) (Summer only) 4
MSL 4011 Leadership Challenges/Goal Setting Lab 1
MSL 4013 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting 3
MSL 4021 Officership Lab 1
MSL 4023 Officership 3

Completion of the Basic Course, Leader’s Training Course or placement credit for the Basic Course and approval from the Professor of Military Science are prerequisites for the Advanced Course. Candidates for a commission must also complete classes in U.S. Military History, Communication Skills, and Computer Literacy in addition to the University's General Education requirement.


Scholarships are available for two, three and four year periods. Refer to the Financial Assistance department or contact the Military Science Department for more information.


Basic Course

The ROTC Basic Course provides an introduction to the purpose and history of the United States Army, training in fundamental military skills, principles of instructional techniques, classroom and practical training in leadership. Enrollment in Basic Course classes is open to all full‑time students, male and female, regardless of intentions to continue in ROTC or to pursue a commission. There is no military obligation incurred for Basic Course attendance by non-ROTC scholarship students. Full academic credit is given for all ROTC basic courses. Each enrollment and satisfactory completion  in MSL 1012, 1022, 2012, and 2022 will satisfy 1 hour of Physical Education Activity for General Education requirements. To qualify for enrollment in the Advanced Course, a student  must complete 8 hours of Basic Course credit, through any of the following combinations: completion of all 1000 and 2000 level courses, placement credit received from the Professor of Military Science for prior military service or JROTC leadership experience, or completion of MSL 2002-8, Leader’s Training Course. Students receive a subsistence allowance while attending the Leader’s Training  course (MSL 2002-8).

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course, consists of MSL 3013, 3023, 4004, 4013 and 4023. Cadets normally attend Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) (MSL 4004) during the summer between their junior and senior years. It is open only to students who have completed the Basic Course, Leader’s Training Course or for whom the Professor of Military Science has approved placement credit based on prior military service. The Advanced Course is designed to qualify a student for a commission as an officer in the United States Army. Students must qualify physically, mentally and morally prior to enrollment. They must complete all courses in sequence unless otherwise approved by the Professor of Military Science. Students receive full academic credit, to include 4 credits for the Leader Development and Assessment Course, and may declare a minor in Military Science (as approved by the Professor of Military Science). Students receive a stipend during the school year and veterans may draw the ROTC stipend and VA educational benefits concurrently. The Advanced Course emphasizes practical exercises in leadership.

Leadership Laboratory

Leadership laboratory is a weekly period emphasizing practical application of leadership and military skills. Activities include: rifle marksmanship, map reading and land navigation, team building exercises, physical conditioning and small unit tactics. The availability of an outdoor training area on campus and the proximity of Fort Sill allows students to get out of the classroom and apply the skills they have learned in fast-paced exercises. Attendance is optional for non-ROTC scholarship/non-contracted freshmen and sophomores, but they are always welcome and encouraged to attend. Attendance is mandatory for juniors and seniors.