Travel Reimbursement Individual Checklist

Please file for reimbursement within 30 days from your return date, and provide the following when filing for reimbursement:


  • Completed and approved copy of travel request form, University Form T3.
  • Registration form (payment, certification, etc. forms will not suffice).  Form must state that it is the “registration form.”  Online registrations should be printed prior to registering when possible.
  • Agenda or program of conference that includes timetable of meals.
  • Original itemized lodging invoice (must show $0.00 balance due or you must have other proof of payment). "Express Checkout" option is acceptable if the lodging receipt shows that a credit card was used.
  • Proof of designated lodging "showing room rates" is needed whether you stay at the designated hotel or not.
  • Registration "paid" receipt.
  • Miscellaneous "paid" receipts (airport parking, luggage, shuttle, etc.)
  • Odometer readings (see additional information)
  • Additional Information
    • Meal receipts are not required.
    • If personal vehicle is used, the state pays "map miles."  However, if you have more than "map miles" odometer readings are needed to reimburse for vicinity miles in addition to "map miles."
    • Out of state travel, whether driving or flying, requires an airfare quote from Adventure Travel.  The lesser amount, whether it is mileage per diem or airfare, will be reimbursed.
    • Airline tickets should be purchased through Adventure TravelAirline baggage fees will not be reimbursed without receipts.


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