MBA Exam Registration

The next assessment will take place in November 2016. Students taking that exam must register here at least two weeks prior to their preferred exam date. It is HIGHLY recommended that students register during the month of October or earlier.

Program Assessment

In their final semester of coursework, all MBA students will take the ETS® Major Field Test for MBA students. The test is administered in a proctored environment using an online system.

Comprehensive Exam

Students who are required to successfully complete a comprehensive exam will take the ETS®Major Field Test for their first attempt.

If you are attempting the MBA Comprehensive Exam for the second or third time with the Dean's approval, you will take an exam from Peregrine Academic Services. The same registration form will be used for this exam, but the webcam proctor option is not available and you may schedule your exam independently from the times listed. You will be responsible for the $40 testing fee at the time of your exam in addition to any proctor fees you incur.

Registration Procedure

Before completing the registration form for program assessment or the comprehensive exam, make sure you have completed each of the following steps:

  1. Confirm that you are in your final semester of coursework by checking Degree Works.
  2. Determine what proctor option you will use for the exam and schedule your appointment (if required).
    • CU Lawton Testing Center (North Shepler): Students within 30 miles of Lawton must test on campus. You must schedule your appointment with the Testing Center prior to completing the registration form.
    • CU Duncan Testing Center: Students within 30 miles of Duncan must test in the Duncan Testing Center. You must schedule your appointment with the Testing Center prior to completing the registration form.
    • Webcam Proctor: Distance students will take the MFT exam via webcam proctor. Once you have registered, you will be sent more details about scheduling your exam. This option does require students to pay a $30.50 fee for the proctoring service (due at time of exam). Before registering for this option, check out the instructions and confirm that your computer meets the requirements for this option.
    • Remote Proctor: Distance students taking the Peregrine exam will use an approved remote proctor. Only college or university testing centers or military education centers will be approved. If you take the exam with a remote proctor, you must complete this form and submit it with your registration by attaching it in the form below.
  3. Complete the registration form below at least two weeks prior to your scheduled exam.
  4. Prepare for the exam.

MBA Exam Registration Form

CU Email is preferred, if active.



Schedule your appointment with your proctor before submitting this form.

Webcam proctoring will be scheduled after registration.


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