Business and Economics Journal
Volume 11   2002-2003






        The Southwest Business and Economics Journal sports a bold new cover. The new cover, which was designed by Jennifer Elbert, Assistant to the Dean in the School of Liberal Arts, captures the strength of Cameron and its mountain metro environs, and heralds a new stage for the Journal and for the Cameron University School of Business. Recent worldwide events have created great challenges for industry and for academia; there is much to discuss, analyze, and predict. In the State of Oklahoma, economic effects of world events have churned financial plans into economic nightmares. As our new Governor and the Oklahoma Legislature navigate the treacherous waters of fiscal policy, scholars will be at the forefront in molding solutions to financial and economic turmoil. Cameron University scholars are poised to contribute to these efforts. The diversity of our faculty brings to the region an international wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of business. Their research capabilities, in both applied and empirical concepts, are a significant resource upon which the State and ultimately the Nation may rely with confidence. Their dedication to new knowledge and to new avenues of thought generates energy and innovative thought in their students. The combined resources of faculty, students and staff in the School of Business are propelling us steadily into the future, setting the stage for new methods, new policies and new endeavors in business disciplines.

        We are all grateful to those who contribute to the success of the SWBEJ. Syed Ahmed, whose work in editing the Journal is enthusiastic and determined, continues to reach far in his search for fresh ideas to stimulate debate and discussion in forums across the state. The graduate assistants over the past year, Amitav Ghosh and Pamela McAlmont, and Velton Flowers, the Business Counselor, deserve special gratitude for the excellent roles they have played in working with editing and compilation of the Journal. Many thanks are also extended to the dedicated reviewers for this issue: T.K. Bhattacharya, Rafik Elias, James Horner, V. Sivarama Krishnan, Terrence Paridon, John Di Renzo, Abdulhamid Sukar, and Robert Yuyuenyongwatana, of Cameron University; Torben Andersen of Red Deer College, Ali Darrat of Louisiana Polytech University, Herbert Grubel of Simon Eraser University, Kabir Hassan of the University of New Orleans, Anisul Islam of the University of Houston-Downtown and Dan Rickman of Oklahoma State University. Special appreciation is due to the BRC advisory board members: T. K. Bhattacharya, Terrence Paridon, David Smith, Abdulhamid Sukar, and Robert Yuyuenyongwatana, for their generous advice and assistance at every stage of Journal development.

Sylvia M. Burgess
Dean, School of Business