Distinguished Alumnus 1994
Ernie Power

Ernest "Ernie" F. Power, born in 1908, attended high school at Cameron from 1926-28 and junior college in 1930. He played on the first junior college football team in 1927 and also played basketball and tennis. He joined the Army Signal Corps in 1942. During a 31-year military career, he landed on the beach of Normandy, marched with General George Patton and was an accounting and supply adviser to Chiang Kai-Shek. In the 50s, he was selected as a representative of the military forces to go to IBM to be introduced to the "Machine of the Future," known as the computer. After retiring in 1973, he moved to California where he helped establish a senior center, a health fair, flu clinic and a chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees. In 1990, to recognize their many years of community service, he and his wife were named Honorary Alcaldes for the city of Sonoma to represent the mayor at ceremonies in his absence and to greet visiting dignitaries. (Mr. Power died in April 2003.)