Dr. Steve Merchant

Dr. Steve Merchant
Class of 2000

As Vice President and General Manager of Renal Solutions, Inc./SORB Technology Division, Steve Merchant is impacting lives every day. The company is an industry leader in the development of sorbent-based hemodialysis systems, and Merchant’s product research and development has played a significant role in that reputation.

Merchant received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Cameron in 2000, then earned a Master of Science and a Ph.D., both in chemical engineering.  He joined Renal Solutions/SORB Technology in December 2007 as a product development project engineer. His research has resulted in the development of an FDA-approved sorbent device used with hemodialysis systems. He has also conducted research on medical devices as well as the area of materials/process.

He was promoted to his current position in August 2011, where his responsibilities include organization management and leadership, project management which includes multiple new product development projects under FDA-approved design controls, and intellectual property.

John J. Maholtz, Chief Operating Office of Renal Solutions, Inc., relates that Merchant “has earned an excellent reputation for his technical depth, problem-solving skills and relationship management abilities…There is no question that Dr. Merchant strives for excellence in everything that he does.”