Dr. Leon Fischer


Dr. Leon Fischer
Chair, Department of Agriculture and Mary Dixie Mullin Endowed Chair in Sciences, School of Science and Technology

Now in his 23rd year of service to Cameron University, Dr. Leon Fischer has become one of Cameron’s most respected faculty  members. For Fischer, students come first.

“Dr. Fischer has demonstrated in his many years with Cameron that he can be more than just a teacher of men and women,” says student Pershon Davis. “He has set the example for others to follow in that it takes hard work and devotion to the job to become a leader, supervisor and mentor.”

Student Courtney Landoll says, “He takes the time to listen to what  we have to say and always gives good advice. He pushes us to do well, not only in the classroom and campus activities, but in our lives as well.”

“Working and interacting with our students has been the truly special part of being a university faculty member,” Fischer says. “It has always been my goal to know who my students are and what theirs interests and goals are early on. I have always tried to impress on my students that we never quit learning and that we should learn something new every day of our lives.”