Dr. Michael Dunn

About Dr. Mike Dunn

In his seven years at Cameron, Dr. Mike Dunn has developed a reputation for being more than a good educator. In the eyes of his students, he is a mentor whose influence will stay with them throughout their personal and professional lives. “I pride myself in trying to reach all of our students, particularly those who are challenged by either the content or the subject matter,” he says.


His success in achieving that goal is best exemplified by those who have learned from him. In May 2007, he received an email from student Jonathan Wheeler, now a biology teacher in Bartlesville.

“You are genuinely invested in your subject and in your student’s comprehension of the subject matter. You have always been accessible and informative,” Wheeler wrote. “You’ve reinforced my conviction that high school teachers need not simply ‘pass the test’ but be capable to establish the relevancy and coherence. Thank you, Dr. Dunn.”

Biology education major William Schlecht says, “Dr. Dunn has an unmatched level of dedication not only to teaching, but to mentoring his students. He inspires students to reach beyond their limitations and achieve their full potential. My time under Dr. Dunn’s mentorship will be an asset for me for the rest of my life.”