Animal Science is study of the business, art, and science of beef, dairy, horse, poultry, sheep and swine production. An animal scientist applies biological, physical and social science principals to livestock production and management.  

Animal Science is also concerned with the production of animal based foods like meats, dairy products and eggs. The food industry is one of the largest  industries in the United States

The advantage of a Bachelor of Science degree  in Agriculture with an Animal Science concentration is the diversity of available career opportunities  In the agricultural business world, opportunities may be found in management, sales, product development, personnel, regulatory compliance, and technical assistance. Graduates may also find opportunities in educational fields such as county extension agent, K-12 teacher, research associate, and laboratory manager. Communication businesses hire editors, field representatives, radio broadcasters, and public relations professionals.  A wide range of enterprises employ animal sciences graduates: feed companies, banks, equipment suppliers, artificial insemination companies, cooperatives, breed associations, meat packers, food processors, dairy plants, feedlots, poultry integrators, pharmaceutical companies, pet suppliers, horse breeders, advertising agencies, hog producers, ranching operations, and many more.


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For more information on animal science courses contact Dr. Leon Fischer at the Cameron University Department of Agriculture, Biology,  Health Sciences at 580-581-2882